12.10.2015 Book on hyperbranched polymers published by Albena Lederer from IPF together with Walther Burchard (Freiburg)

Recently published book Hyperbranched Polymers: Macromolecules in between Deterministic Linear Chains and Dendrimer Structures Authors: Albena Lederer and Walther Burchard Description:There is great commercial … mehr »

02.10.2015 Opinion leaders from all over the world met at the Engineering Life Symposium 2015 'Synthetic Biology meets Bioinspired Materials' in Dresden.

The Engineering Life Conference 2015, jointly organized by the B CUBE Center for Molecular Bioengineering at TU Dresden and the Max Bergmann Center of Biomaterials at the Leibniz-Institut für Polymerforschung Dresden … mehr »

01.10.2015 Dr. Alexander Hoppe receives Outstanding Thesis Award 2014

Dr. Alexander Hoppe receives the Outstanding Biomaterials Thesis Award 2014 for his PhD thesis 'Bioactive Glass Derived Scaffolds with Therapeutic Ion Releasing Capability for Bone Tissue Engineering' completed at the … mehr »

19.09.2015 Benjamin Newland receives one of the Dresden Barkhausen Young Scientist Award for his poster ‘Homopolymerization of di-vinyl monomers for new "knot" structured polymer materials’.

The Dresden Barkhausen Award is granted for outstanding scientific results in applied research and development at frontier areas between physics, materials science, and electrical engineering by the Materials Research … mehr »

17.09.2015 Barkhausen Colloquium and Awards

Barkhausen-KolloquiumDresden, September 17, 2015 The INternational Dresden Barkhausen Award and two Young Scientists Awards will be handed over. Programm mehr »

08.09.2015 New EU project LASER4FUN started!

EU project LASER4FUN (European ESRs Network on Short Pulsed Laser Micro/Nanostructuring of Surfaces) started! mehr »

01.09.2015 Leichtbau-Hocker aus Dresden beeindruckt Museumsbesucher

Wenn am 1. September 2015 im Deutschen Museum in Bonn die vom Spitzencluster MAI Carbon initiierte Ausstellung „Harter Stoff“ öffnet, wird ein Exponat aus Dresden wieder zu den Ausstellungsstücken gehören, die den … mehr »

13.08.2015 Die Zeit reports on Tissue Engineering referring to our research.

mehr »

04.08.2015 René Hensel (now at INM Saarbrücken), Christoph Neinhuis (TU Dresden) and Carsten Werner discuss general design criteria for robust omniphobic surfaces in an invited article in Chemistry Society Reviews.

Chemical Society Reviews, doi:10.1039/c5cs00438a mehr »

21.07.2015 Eröffnung der Kunstausstellung "TRANSCRiptions" von Prof. Christopher Daniggelis

Die Ausstellung „TRANSCRiptions im Leibniz-Institut für Polymerforschung Dresden e. V. zeigt vom 05. August bis 30. Oktober 2015 Druckgrafiken von Christopher Daniggelis, Kunstprofessor in Missouri, USA. Eröffnet … mehr »

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