RAMAN Spectroscopy and RAMAN Imaging

Confocal RAMAN microscope and imaging system alpha 300R (WITEC)                                                     

  • laser : 532nm and 785nm
  • detector: CCD (532nm and 785nm) and EMCCD (532nm)
  • internal and external heating stage
  • operating modes: single spectra, times series, spectral 2D/3D imaging, depth profiling
  • True Surface (topographic profiling)
  • brightfield and darkfield
  • resolution: 240nm laterally, 500nm vertically
  • external particle software



Renishaw RAMAN spectrometer inVia Qontor

  • laser: 532nm, 633nm and 785nm
  • detector: CCD
  • operating modes: single spectra, surface montage, spectral 2D/3D imaging, liveTrack, focusTrack
  • grating scan type: static and extented
  • automatic laser switching
  • brightfield and darkfield
  • resolution: 240nm laterally
  • internal particle software