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Wetting Kinetics of Aqueous Surfactant Solutions

"Basic investigations in the wetting kinetics field of aqueous surfactant solutions on different solid surfaces"

Sasol Germany GmbH

Contact Person:
Dr. Victoria Dutschk


The purpose of this project is to develop a new methodology for screening technical surfactant solutions which will be applicable for wetting measurements on a wide range of solid surfaces. On the one hand, the screening method has to made possible a selection of a surfactant suitable for a certain purpose. On the other hand, new application fields for ‘old’ surfactants could be opened up.  

  • Hard solid surfaces: polymers, metals, glass und ceramics
     Application: household and industrial cleaners
  • Anschmutzbarkeit und Auswaschbarkeit von Textilmaterialien
     Application: detergents
  • Human hair analytics
     Application: shampoos   
  • Particles of nano and sub-micrometer sizes
     Application: Pickering emulsions
Wetting dynamics by sessile drop method (q: contact angle; d: drop base, h: drop height)

SEM: Human Hair dirty
SEM: Human Hair cleaned

Hair surface topography scanned with an optical sensor (MicroGlider, FRT Germany)
Wetting Kinetics of Aqueous Surfactant Solutions
Benetzungskinetik wässriger Tensidlösungen


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