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Susanne Boye

Thesis Title:

"Modern Fractionation Methods for Characterization of Branched Polymers"



"pH-Triggered Aggregate Shape of Different Generations Lysine-Dendronized Meleimide Copolymers with Maltose Shell" S. Boye, D. Appelhans, V. Boyko, S. Zschoche, H. Komber, P. Friedel, P. Formanek, A. Janke, B. Voit, A. Lederer Biomacromolecules, 2012, 13, p.42222-4235

„Die Anwendung von AF4-MALLS zur Charakterisierung dendritischer Polymere sowie ihres Komplexierungs- und Aggregationsverhaltens“ A. Lederer, S. Boye, T. Jocks Application Note of Wyatt Technologies (in german language), 2010

“AF4-MALLS for characterization of dendritic polymers and their complexation and aggregation behaviour“ A. Lederer, S. Boye, T. Jocks Application Note of Wyatt Technologies, 2010

“Separation of Linear and Star-Shaped Polystyrenes by Phase Distribution Chromatography” S. Boye, L. Scharfenberg, A. Lederer J. Sep. Sci. 2010, 33, 22, p. 3584-3594

Solution Properties Of Selectively Modified Hyperbranched Polyesters” S. Boye, H. Komber, P. Friedel, A. Lederer Polymer 2010, 51, p. 4110-4120

“An alternative route to dye–polymer complexation study using asymmetrical flow field-flow fractionation” S. Boye, N. Polikarpov, D. Appelhans, A. Lederer J. Chrom. A 2010, 1217, p. 4841-4849

“A convenient room temperature polycondensation toward hyperbranched AB(2)-type all-aromatic polyesters with phenol terminal groups” M. Erber, S. Boye, T. Hartmann, B. Voit, A. Lederer J. Polym. Sci., Part A: Polym. Chem. 2009, 47, 19, p.5158 - 5168.

„Molmassenbestimmung von multifunktionellen Polymeren“ A. Lederer, S. Boye LC-GC Ausgabe in deutscher Sprache November/Dezember 2008, p.24 - 28

Susanne Boye
Susanne Boye


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Susanne Boye