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Lenin Shagolsem

Localization of non-selective nano-particles on the interface of a cylinder forming DBC (i.e. surface of cylinders) confined between two hard walls. The majority component of DBC is not shown for clear illustration of cylinders and NP.

Present research

Dense diblock-copolymers (DBC) system has been a subject of intense research (theoretically and experimentally) for the past few decades. Apart from its potential industrial applications, it also represents a complex and an interesting system to investigate from the theoretical point of view.

We study, via a Molecular Dynamics simulation, the order and phase behavior of a DBC/nanoparticles mixed system in confinement and in bulk. In particular, we are interested to understand the influence of an external fields on the global phase behavior of the system.

Lenin Shagolsem
Lenin Shagolsem


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