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Research Activities

The research activities in the Analytical Department are integrated in the main fields of research of the Institute of Polymer Research. They especially include:

  • Characterization of structure, morphology and interaction in functionalized linear and branched polymers, in block copolymers, in heterogeneous polymer blends and in composites by NMR, IR/Raman, Thermoanalysis, SEC with different detectors

    Hyperbranched Polymers and Dendrimers
    Maleicanhydride copolymer
    Polyesters and block copolymers
    Modified Polyolefines

Process Analytical Technology (PAT) by spectroscopic methods (FTIR, NIR, RAMAN, UV/VIS) and Ultrasonic measurements

  • Quantification of contents of several Additives in PVC
  • Quantification of contents of monomers in block copolymers
  • Quantification of flame retardents  in polyamid
  • Determination of composition of polymer blends
  • Determination of content of  additives in polymer blends
  • Determination of fillers in polymers
  • Investigation of polymer nanocomposites (PP, PA / montmorillonite)
  • Investigation of PP / wood flour mixtures
  • Investigation of PP/ bamboo powder mixtures
  • Investigation of PP/ hemp fiber mixtures
  • In-line NIR and in-line Raman investigations of reaction/crosslinking in mixers
  • Determination of particle sizes and distribution of nanoparticles in polymers 


In-situ analysis of chemical reactions by ATR/FTIR-, NIR- and Raman-Spectroscopy

  • Monitoring of the synthesis of nanostructured polymeric organic-inorganichybrids by sol-gel process
  • Monitorring of the polycondensation reaction of polyethylene-therephthalate(PET) in the melt
  • Monitoring of the Polycondensation Reaction to Polysulfone (PSU)
  • Monitoring of the metallocene catalyzed copolymerisation of propene
  • Monitoring of the modification of hyperbranched polyurethane
  • Characterization of surface layers and thin films by Variable Angle Spectroscopic and Imaging Ellipsometry

RAMAN Spectroscopy and RAMAN Imaging 

  • Polymer and material analysis
  • Depthprofil and 3-D analysis
  • Surface, interface and structure analysis
  • Investigation of surface modification, phase separation and chemical composition
  • Investigation of carbon materials (carbon nanotubes, graphites, graphene)


Polymer Separation

  • Scaling properties of model dendritic polymers
  • Aggregation of dendronized polymers
  • Quantification of polymer host-guest complexes
  • Separation according to Branching by Phase Distribution Chromatography


 Important results could be find in the corresponding Publications.

Research Activities
Research Activities