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Reactive Processing

Head of Department:     Dr. Dieter Lehmann

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Secretary: Anne Hofmann
+49 (0)351 4658 440

Combination of natural scientific, especially polymer chemical and engineering problems as basis for the successful research in the weldline of both disciplines in the region from fundamental up to application-oriented/applied research. 


  • Reactions in melt/melt modification – decomposition, condensation, grafting and block copolymer formation reactions in melt via reactive extrusion starting with lab investigations up to practical scale.
  • Thermo-controlled reactions in melt – use of well-known chemical reactions in a new combination for the thermo-controlled branching and/or curing of resins (catalysed and/or non-catalysed) like powder coatings and curable resins.
  • Reactive processing – activation of polymers by reactive extrusion for the use in interface-reactive injection moulding processes for the improvement of the composite strength at the interface by chemical bondings.
  • Development of polymer membrane materials for the formation/production of membrans for fuel cells or the material separation, e.g. waste water treatment. The aim of the research work is to transfer the lab synthesis into an practical melt processing.
  • Modification of polymers with PTFE by chemical coupling/compatibilization; development of specially modified/functionalized PTFE micropowders as additives for chemically coupled materials and for special lubricants; reactive processing to (high performance) polymer-PTFE tribomaterials; development of chemically coupled thermoset-PTFE tribomaterials and polymer-PTFE sliding coatings. 

Melt modification: chemical coupling/compatibilisation of polymers/plastics with PTFE

  • (Further) development of chemically coupled/compatibilised (high performance) plastics-PTFE tribomaterials
  • Development of chemically coupled/compatibilised elastomer-PTFE tribomaterials for sealing gaskets
  • Development of chemically coupled/compatibilised elastomer-PTFE tribomaterials for thermoset material-PTFE tribomaterials
  • Development of chemically coupled plastic-PTFE sliding coatings as lubricant varnishes solvent or water based for tribo application and metal forming processes
  • Development of special modified/functionalised PTFE-nano/micropowder as additives for chemically coupled material systems as well as additives for special lubricants

Technological equipment

  • Haake Laborkneter
  • Haake (16 mm) twin screw lab extruder with feeders
  • DSC (Neetzsch) with automatical sample changer
  • Equipment for the manufactoring and testing of powder coating materials (grinding and separating equipment, gradient oven…)
  • Equipment for the manufactoring and testing of membranes
  • FTIR Imaging Spectrometer
Reactive Processing
Reaktive Verarbeitung


Reactive Processing