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1.Zhandarov, S.; Mäder, E.
Estimation of the local interfacial strength parameters of carbon nanotube fibers in an epoxy matrix from a microbond test data more
Carbon 86 (2015) 54-57
2.Lauke, B.
Plastic yielding contribution to fracture toughness of polymers modified with rubber and inorganic fillers more
Journal of Materials Science 50 (2015) 2178-2188
3.Heinrich, G.; Vilgis, T. A.
A statistical mechanical approach to the Payne effect in filled rubbers more
eXPRESS Polymer Letters 9 (2015) 291-299
4.Eshwaran, S. B.; Basu, D.; Vaikuntam, S. R.; Kutlu, B.; Wießner, S.; Das, A.; Naskar, K.; Heinrich, G.
Exploring the role of stearic acid in modified zinc aluminum layered double hydroxides and their acrylonitrile butadiene rubber nanocomposites more
Journal of Applied Polymer Science 132 (2015) 41539 (1 of 9)
5.Srivastava, S. K.; Pionteck, J.
Recent advances in preparation, structure, properties and applications of graphite oxide more
Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 15 (2015) 1984-2000
6.Rooj, S.; Das, A.; Stöckelhuber, K.W.; Wießner, S.; Fischer, D.; Reuter, U.; Heinrich, G.
Expanded organoclay assisted dispersion and simultaneous structural alterations of multiwall carbon nanotube (MWCNT) clusters in natural rubber more
Composites Science and Technology 107 (2015) 36–43
7.Grundke, K.; Pöschel, K.; Synytska, A.; Frenzel, R.; Drechsler, A.; Nitschke, M.; Cordeiro, A. L.; Uhlmann, P.; Welzel, P.
Experimental studies of contact angle hysteresis phenomena on polymer surfaces - Toward the understanding and control of wettability for different applications more
Advances in Colloid and Interfaces Science (2015) In press
8.Thompson, M.; Tsurkan, M.; Chwalek, K.; Bornhäuser, M.; Schlierf, M.; Werner, C.; Zhang, Y.
Self-assembling hydrogels crosslinked solely by receptor-ligand interactions: Tunability, rationalization of physical properties and 3D cell culture more
Chemistry - A European Journal 21 (2015) Early view
9.Polikarpov, N.; Potolytsyna, V.; Bessonov, E.; Tripp, S.; Appelhans, D.; Voit, B.; Kartsova, L.
Dentritic glycopolymers as dynamic and covalent coating in capillary electrophoresis: View on protein separation processes and detection of nanogram-scaled albumin in biological samples more
Journal of Chromatography / A 1378 (2015) 65-73
10.Lang, M.; Rubinstein, M.; Sommer, J.-U.
Conformations of a long polymer in a melt of shorter chains: Generalizations of the flory theorem more
ACS Macro Letters 4 (2015) 177-181
11.Sefadi, J.S.; Luyt, A.S.; Pionteck, J.
Effect of surfactant on EG dispersion in EVA and thermal and mechanical properties of the system more
Journal of Applied Polymer Science 132 (2015) 41352 (1 of 11)
12.Nitschke, M.; Gramm, S.
Preparation and analysis of switchable copolymers for biomedical application more
in: Switchable and Responsive Surfaces and Materials for Biomedical Applications, Zhang, J., ed. (Woodhead Publishing 2015) 1st ed., Chapter 6, 147-164
13.Hoikkanen, M.; Poikelispää, M.; Das, A.; Honkanen, M.; Dierkes, W.; Vuorinen, J.
Effect of multiwalled carbon nanotubes on the properties of EPDM/NBR dissimilar elastomer blends more
Polymer-Plastics Technology and Engineering 54 (2015) Accepted version
14.Werner, M.; Sommer, J.-U.
Translocation and induced permeability of random amphiphilic copolymers interacting with lipid bilayer membranes more
Biomacromolecules 16 (2015) 125-135
15.Nandan, B.; Horechyy, A.
Hairy core--shell polymer nano-objects from-assembled block copolymer structures more
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (2015) Article ASAP
16.Seyfi, J.; Hejazi, I.; Jafari, S.H.; Khonakdar, H. A.; Sadeghi, G.M.M.; Calvimontes, A.; Simon, F.
On the combined use of nanoparticles and a proper solvent/non-solvent system in preparation of superhydrophobic polymer coatings more
Polymer 56 (2015) 358-367
17.Höhne, S.; Uhlmann, P.
Synthesis of functional blockco- and terpolymers containing polyglycidyl methacrylate blocks more
Journal of Polymer Science: Part A: Polymer Chemistry 53 (2015) Early view
18.Frenzel, R.; Höhne, S.; Hanzelmann, C.; Schmidt, T.; Winkler, R.; Drechsler, A.; Bittrich, E.; Eichhorn, K.-J.; Uhlmann, P.
Tunable hydrophilic or amphiphilic coatings - a "reactive layer stack" approach more
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 7 (2015) Article ASAP
19.Matsidika, R.; Martin, J.; Schmidt, S.; Obermeyer, J.; Lombeck, F.; Nübling, F.; Komber, H.; Fazzid, D.; Sommer, M.
C-H arylation of unsubstituted furan and thiophene with acceptor bromides: Access to donor-acceptor-donor-type building blocks for organic electronics more
Journal of Organic Chemistry 80 (2015) Article ASAP
20.Ghosh, A.; Banerjee, S.; Voit, B.
Aromatic hyperbranched polymers: Synthesis and application more
Advances in Polymer Science 266 (2015) 27-124

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