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Müller-Buschbaum, P. ; Gutmann, J.S. ; Kraus, J. ; Walter, H. ; Stamm, M.
Suppression of Roughness Replication in Bilayer Films Prepared by Spin-Coating

Utilizing the high resolution of a reflection ultrasmall-angle scattering setup, the roughnessreplication in polymer single-layer and bilayer samples is probed. Single films of fully brominatedpolystyrene (PBrS) as well as bilayer films of polystyrene on top of PBrS and of PBrS on top of polyamide-6I are investigated. Three different methods are presented to suppress the replication: the use of thickfilms, the use of films of laterally heterogeneous thickness, and the preparation from a solvent such thatthe polymer has only a weak interaction with the substrate. For single-layer samples of PBrS withincreasing film thickness, the long-range correlation is decreased. Conformal roughness was detected upto a film thickness of 18Rg (1349 Å). At a film thickness of 26Rg (1989 Å), an individual scattering of theinterfaces was observed. Irrespective of the roughness replication behavior of the individual sublayers,the methods presented are able to suppress the constraint of a morphology replication in bilayer films.

Macromolecules 33



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February 2000


Nanostructured Materials