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Tsitsilianis, C. ; Bossard, F. ; Sfika, V. ; Stavrouli, N. ; Kiriy, A. ; Gorodyska, G. ; Stamm, M. ; Minko, S.
Multifunctional Double Hydrophilic Triblock Copolymer in Solution and on Surface

Double-hydrophilic block copolymers are a new class of functional polymers of rapidly increasing importance with unique and fascinating properties. A simple synthetic route to prepare such polymeric species is to include in the macromolecular chain at least two different hydrosoluble polymeric sequences. The combination of ionogenic monomers leads to block copolymers bearing oppositely charged blocks namely block polyampholytes. In this communication we present the various possibilities of an asymmetric ABA polyampholyte to form a variety of transient macromolecular assemblies by switching the solution pH, temperature, ionic strength and dielectric constant. More precisely, PAA134 -P2VP628 -PAA134 exhibits different nano structures in water such as spherical particles surrounding by negatively charged moieties, a stimuli responsive physical network and head to tail associates. All these assemblies are reversible adapting their structure by switching the environment conditions and can be used as building blocks to fabricate functional surfaces.

Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering 90



September 2004


Nanostructured Materials