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Lehmann, D. ; Hupfer, B. ; Staudinger, U. ; Häußler, L. ; Jehnichen, D. ; Janke, A. ; Kunze, K. ; Franke, R. ; Haase, I.
Reibungs- und Verschleißverhalten von chemisch gekoppelten PTFE-PA-6.6-Materialien

The development of chemically bonded PTFE polyamide materials (PTFE-PA) is the basis of a new material generation for the tribological field of application. Results of the chemically bonded PTFE-PA-6.6 material system are presented in which the excellent processing and material properties of PA-6.6 are combined with the anti-friction properties of PTFE. The production can be carried out by reactive extrusion with a twin screw extruder under polyamide processing conditions. The excellent friction and wear behaviour are the special feature of these materials. The influences of processing, that means the distribution and the deagglomeration of PTFE micro powder in the PA-6.6 matrix, and the moisture absorption of the PA-6.6 matrix on the tribological properties are the focus of this contribution. It could be shown that there are no essential differences whether the PTFE micro powder is processed with a low shearing screw design in a PA-6.6 injection moulding material (low melt viscosity) or with a strongly shearing and intensively melt mixing screw design in a PA-6.6 extrusion material (high melt viscosity). A further essential result is that the moisture content of the material has no influence on the tribological properties.

Materialwissenschaft u. Werkstofftechnik 35



December 2004


Nanostructured Materials