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Krause, B. ; Mende, M. ; Pötschke, P. ; Petzold, G.
Dispersability and particle size distribution of CNTs in an aqueous surfactant dispersion as a function of ultrasonic treatment time

The dispersability of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) was assessed by studying the sedimentation of CNTs dispersed in aqueous surfactant solutions at different ultrasonication treatment times using a LUMiSizer® apparatus under centrifugal forces. Different commercially available multiwalled CNTs, namely Baytubes® C150P, Nanocyl™ NC7000, Arkema Graphistrength® C100, and FutureCarbon CNT-MW showing quite different kinetics were compared. In addition, the particle size distributions were analyzed using dynamic light scattering and centrifugal separation analysis. The best dispersabilities were found for Nanocyl™ NC7000 and FutureCarbon CNT-MW; to prepare stable dispersions of Baytubes® C150P or Graphistrength® C100 five times the energy was needed. As a result of the centrifugal separation analysis, it was concluded that Nanocyl™ NC7000 and Baytubes® C150P were dispersed as single nanotubes using ultrasonic treatment whereas small agglomerates or bundles are existing in dispersions containing FutureCarbon CNT-MW and Graphistrength® C100.

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May 2010

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