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Morozov, I. ; Lauke, B. ; Heinrich, G.
Microstructural analysis of carbon black filled rubbers by atomic force microcopy and computer simulation techniques
in: Constitutive Models for Rubber VII, Jerrams & Murphy, ed.

Work concerns the 3D modeling of a filler network microstructure in rubber compounds. The model represents the carbon black filler in three states: primary fractal aggregates consisting of spherical ovedapped particles, secondary structures or agglomerates and partially broken fragments of micropellets. Information about the structure ofthe filler and its distribution in the matrix is obtained from the analysis of the AFM-images ofthe material surface.

The emphasis in characterising isochoric materials has shifted significantly away from understanding and modelling hyperelastic material behaviour, to a position where it it is possible to design and manufacture rubber components having the functionality and resilience to meet the dynamic loading and harsh environmental conditions that are prevalent today. This book is not only essential reading for undergraduates, postgraduates, academics and researchers working in the discipline, but also for all those designers and engineers involved in the improvement of machines and devices by introducing new and novel elastomers possessing elevated properties.

ISBN 978-0-415-68389-0

Taylor & Francis Group



March 2012


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