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  1. Taeger, A.; Hoffmann, T.; Butwilowski, W.; Heller, M.; Engelhardt, T.; Lehmann, D.
    Evidence of chemical compatibilization reaction between PEEK and irradiation modified PTFE more
    High Performance Polymers 26 (2014) 188-196

  2. Taeger, A.; Lehmann, D.; Marks, H.; Kunze, K.
    Vergleich modifizierter PTFE- und PTFE-Rezyklat-Produkte als Festschmierstoffkomponente in Tribomaterialien more
    Tribologie und Schmierungstechnik 59 (2012) 5-10

  3. Hoffmann, T.; Heller, M.; Engelhardt, T.; Taeger, A.; Marks, H.; Lehmann, D.
    Strahlenchemisches Recycling von PTFE-Materialien more
    GAK : Gummi Fasern Kunststoffe 65 (2012) 784-789

  4. Taeger, A.; Gedan-Smolka, M.; Lilie, B.; Krug, D.
    Polymere Antistatikadditive für Holzwerkstoffe more
    Holztechnologie 52 (2011) 23-27

  5. Meier-Haack, J.; Taeger, A.; Vogel, C.; Schlenstedt, K.; Lenk, W.; Lehmann, D.
    Membranes from sulfonated block copolymers for use in fuel cells more
    Separation and Purification Technology 41 (2005) 207-220

  6. Vogel, C.; Meier-Haack, J.; Taeger, A.; Lehmann, D.
    On the Stability of Selected Monomeric and Polymeric Aryl Sulfonic Acids Heating in Water (Part 1) more
    Fuel Cells 4 (2004) 320-327

  7. Taeger, A.; Vogel, C.; Lehmann, D.; Lenk, W.; Schlenstedt, K.; Meier-Haack, J.
    Sulfonated Multiblock Copoly(ether sulfone)s as Membrane Materials for Fuel Cell Applications more
    Macromolecular Symposia 210 (2004) 175-184

  8. Taeger, A.; Vogel, C.; Lehmann, D.; Jehnichen, D.; Komber, H.; Meier-Haack, J.; Ochoa, N.A.; Nunes, S.P.; Peinemann, K.-V.
    Ion exchange membranes derived from sulfonated polyaramides more
    Reactive & Functional Polymers 57 (2003) 77-92



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