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  1. Burkert, S.; Simon, F.; Pleul, D.; Gohs, U.; Stamm, M.; Uhlmann, P.
    Surface characterization of electron-beam irradiated polymer brushes mehr
    Zeitschrift für Physikalische Chemie 228 (2014) 281-300

  2. Salem, T.; Pleul, D.; Nitschke, M.; Müller, M.; Simon, F.
    Different plasma-based strategies to improve the interaction of amionic dyes with polyester fabrics surface mehr
    Applied Surface Science 264 (2013) 286-296

  3. Hempel, S.; Pleul, D.; Simon, F.
    Detaillierter Blick auf die Oberfläche - XPS an mikrodimensionierten Proben mehr
    GIT Labor-Fachzeitschrift (2012) 657-659

  4. Bellmann, C.; Albrecht, V.; Roth, J.; Cremers, J.; Pleul, D.; Grundke, K.
    Modifizierung unpolarer Polymeroberflächen. Möglichkeiten zur Verbesserung der Adhäsionseigenschaften mehr
    Vakuum in Forschung und Praxis 22 (2010) 26-30

  5. Bunk, J.; Pospiech, D.; Eichhorn, K.-J.; Müller, M.; Werner, C.; Bellmann, C.; Simon, F.; Pleul, D.; Grundke, K.
    Studying the influence of chemical structure on the surface properties of polymer films mehr
    Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 362 (2010) 47-57

  6. Pleul, D.; Simon, F.
    X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy mehr
    in: Polymer Surfaces and Interfaces : Characterization, Modification and Applications, Stamm, M., ed. (Springer 2008) Chapter 4, 71-89

  7. Pleul, D.; Simon, F.
    Time-of-flight seconfary ion mass spectrometry mehr
    in: Polymer Surfaces and Interfaces : Characterization, Modification and Applications, Stamm, M., ed. (Springer 2008) Chapter 5, 91-101

  8. Nagel, J.; Scheidler, D.; Hupfer, B.; Bräuer, M.; Pleul, D.; Vogel, C.; Lehmann, D.; Amesöder, S.
    Blends of polypropylene, grafted with acrylic acid and maleic anhydride, with PA6 and its use in composites with polyamide 6 by two-component injection molding mehr
    Journal of Applied Polymer Science 100 (2006) 2992-2999

  9. Hahn, M.; Pleul, D.; Nitschke, M.; Frens, G.; Bundel, G.; Prause, S.; Simon,
    Plasma modification of diamond surfaces mehr
    Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology 19 (2005) 1039-1052

  10. Licea-Claverie, A.; Schwarz, S.; Simon,; Urzua-Sanchez, O.; Nagel, J.; Pleul, D.; Eichhorn, K.-J.; Janke, A.
    Poly(dimethylaminoethylmethacrylate) hydrochloride (PDMAEM-HCI) a well behaving polycation for multilayer formation on planar surfaces mehr
    Colloid and Polymer Science 283 (2005) 826-835

  11. Grundke, K.; Azizi, M.; Ziemer, A.; Michel, S.; Pleul, D.Pleul; Simon, F.; Voit, B.; Kreitschmann, M.; Kierkus, P.
    Hyperbranched polyesters as potential additives to control the surface tension of polymers mehr
    Surface Coatings International / Part B: Coatings Transactions 88 (2005) 101-106

  12. Ziemer, A.; Azizi, M.; Pleul, D.Pleul; Simon, F.; Michel, S.; Kreitschmann, M.; Kierkus, P.; Voit, B.; Grundke, K.
    Influence of Hyperbranched Polyesters on the Surface Tension of Polyols mehr
    Langmuir 20 (2004) 8096-8102

  13. Synytska, A.; Michel, S.; Pleul, D.Pleul; Bellmann, C.; Schinner, R.; Eichhorn, K.-J.; Grundke, K.; Neumann, A.W.; Stamm, M.
    Monitoring the Surface Tension of Reactive Epoxy-Amine Systems Under Different Environmental Conditions mehr
    Journal of Adhesion 80 (2004) 667-683

  14. Bratskaya, S.; Marinin, D.; Nitschke, M.; Pleul, D.; Schwarz, S.; Simon, F.
    Polypropylene Surface Functionalization with Chitosan mehr
    Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology 18 (2004) 1173-1186

  15. Eschner, M.; Frenzel, R.; Simon, F.; Pleul, D.Pleul; Uhlmann, P.; Adler, H. J.
    w-Substituted Long Chain Alkylphosphonic Acids - Their Synthesis and Deposition on Metal Oxides and Subsequent Functional Group Conversion on the Deposited Compounds mehr
    Macromolecular Symposia 210 (2004) 77-84

  16. Schweiß, R.; Pleul, D.Pleul; Simon, F.; Janke, A.; Welzel, P.; Voit, B.; Knoll, W.; Werner, C.
    Electrokinetic Potentials of Binary Self-Assembled Monolayers on Gold: Acid-Base Reactions and Double Layer Structure mehr
    Journal of Physical Chemistry / B 108 (2004) 2910-2917

  17. Spange, St.; Meyer, T.; Voigt, I.; Eschner, M.; Estel, K.; Pleul, D.; Simon, F.
    Poly(vinylformamide-co-Vinylamine)/Inorganic Oxide Hybrid Materials mehr
    in: Polyelectrolytes with Defined Molecules Architecture I, Schmidt, M., ed. (Springer 2004) 165, 43-78

  18. Pleul, D.; Frenzel, R.; Eschner, M.; Simon, F.
    X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy for detection of the different Si-O bonding states of silicon mehr
    Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 375 (2003) 1276-1281

  19. Jähnichen, K.; Frank, J.; Pleul, D.Pleul; Simon,
    A study of paint adhesion to polymeric substrates mehr
    Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology 17 (2003) 1635-1654

  20. Vasilets, V.N.; Simon, F.; Werner, C.; Hermel, G.; Pleul, D.; Nitschke, M.; Menning, A.; Janke, A.; Jacobasch, H.-J.
    Plasma assisted immobilization of poly(ethylene oxide) onto fluorocarbon surfaces mehr
    Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology 16 (2002) 1855-1868

  21. Sidorenko, A.; Zhai, X.W.; Simon, F.; Pleul, D.; Tsukruk, V. V.
    Hyperbranched Molecules with Epoxy-Functionalized Terminal Branches: Grafting to a Solid Surface mehr
    Macromolecules 35 (2002) 5131-5139

  22. Eschner, M.; Simon, F.; Pleul, D.; Spange, St.
    Polyelectrolytes Tethered to Self-Assembled Monolayers (SAM) of w-Mercaptoalkyl Carboxylic Acids on Structured Gold Surfaces - A New Way to Sensor Materials mehr
    w.e.b. Universitätsverlag (2002) 149-152

  23. Nitschke, M.; Schmack, G.; Janke, A.; Simon, F.; Pleul, D.; Werner, C.
    Low pressure plasma treatment of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate): Towards tailored polymer surfaces for tissue engineering scaffolds mehr
    Journal of Biomedical Materials Research 59 (2002) 632-638

  24. Lappan, U.; Nitschke, M.; Pleul, D.; Simon, F.; Uhlmann, St.
    Polyelectrolyte Adsorption on NH3-Plasma-Treated Poly(tetrafluoroethylene-co-hexafluoropropylene) mehr
    Plasmas and Polymers 6 (2001) 211-220

  25. Sahre, K.; Eichhorn, K.-J.; Simon,; Pleul, D.Pleul; Janke, A.; Gerlach, G.
    Characterization of ion-beam modified polyimide layers mehr
    Surface and Coatings Technology 139 (2001) 257-264

  26. Spange, St.; Müller, H.; Pleul, D.Pleul; Simon, F.
    Structure formation of poly(furfuryl alcohol)/ silica hybrids mehr
    Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis 132 (2001) 301-306

  27. Simon, F.; Pleul, D.; Frenzel, R.
    Röntgenphotoelektronenspektroskopie zur Charakterisierung der Zugänglichkeit und Reaktivität funktioneller Gruppen an Polymeroberflächen gegenüber großen Molekülen mehr
    Projektträger Neue Materialien und Chemische Technologien - NMT Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH im Auftrag des BMBF (2000)

  28. Sahre, K.; Eichhorn, K.-J.; Pleul, D.; Simon, F.
    The chemical structure and stability of plasma-deposited thin hydrocarbon layers on polyethylene mehr
    Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology 14 (2000) 867-878


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