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Agrawal, M. ; Fischer, D. ; Gupta, S. ; Zafeiropoulos, N.E. ; Pich, A. ; Lidorikis, E. ; Stamm, M.
Three-dimensional colloidal crystal arrays exhibiting stop band in near-infrared region

We report on the fabrication of three-dimensional colloidal crystal arrays (CCAs) on an underlying substrate via gravity sedimentation of TiO2-coated polystyrene (PS) colloidal particles. The beauty of the described system lies in the fact that obtained CCAs, for the first time, display a photonic band gap in the near-infrared (NIR) region with as much bandwidth (··/·) as 54-61%. Interestingly, stop band position and bandwidth have been found to be modulated with structural parameters of building blocks such as particle size and thickness of TiO2 shell, etc. Moreover, no significant change in stop band position was observed with the variation in incidence angle of the light. Theoretical calculations from the simulation studies have been found in agreement with the experimental findings.

Journal of Physical Chemistry / C 114



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October 2010


Nanostructured Materials