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Müller-Buschbaum, P. ; Gutmann, J.S. ; Stamm, M. ; Cubitt, R. ; Cunis, M. ; Krosigk, G. ; Gehrke, R. ; Petry, W.
Dewetting of thin polymer-blend films examined with GISAS

The morphology of dewetted thin polymer-blend films of deuterated polystyrene (dPS) and polyparamethylstyrene (PpMS) on top of silicon surfaces is investigated. The film thickness of the originally homogeneous films is varied between 19 and 104 Å. Compared to the radius of gyration of the unperturbed molecule, Rg=106 Å, the as-prepared films are confined in the direction perpendicular to the sample surface. The dewetting results from the storage of the samples under toluene vapor atmosphere. Atomic force microscopy (AFM) and grazing incidence small-angle scattering (GISAS) are used. From the differences in the GISAS data measured with X-rays compared to data measured with neutrons a random distribution of the molecules inside the individual droplets is determined. Thus from dewetting under toluene atmosphere no periodicity in the internal structure exists. The, within all methods derived, most prominent in-plane length corresponds to the mean droplet distance. Its function of film thickness is explainable by the spinodal dewetting model.

Physica / B 283



June 2000


Nanostructured Materials