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Dinu, M. V. ; Schwarz, S. ; Dinu, I. A. ; Dragan, E. S.
Comparative rheological study of ionic semi-IPN composite hydrogels based on polyacrylamide and dextran sulphate and of polyacrylamide hydrogels

Abstract Ionic semi-interpenetrating polymer networks composite hydrogels were synthesized by free-radical polymerization using dextran sulphate (DxS), acrylamide as monomer and N,N-methylene(bis)acrylamide as crosslinking agent. The viscoelastic properties of these composite hydrogels were investigated by oscillatory shear measurements under small deformation conditions comparative with those of polyacrylamide gels. Changes of the rheological properties of composite hydrogels have been studied in terms of polymerization temperature, cross-linker ratio, initial monomer concentration and molar mass of DxS. The results showed that the stability of the composite hydrogels obtained at room temperature (22 C) was relatively low because the storage modulus (G) was only eight times higher than the loss modulus (G), while for those obtained by cryopolymerization (.18 C), the stability was improved, the G values being about 30 times higher than those of G. This behaviour indicated that, by conducting the synthesis of hydrogels below the freezing point of the reaction solutions, an enhancement of the hydrogels elasticity was achieved. The network parameters, i.e. the average molecular weight between two cross-links and the cross-link density of the composite hydrogels prepared at .18 C, were estimated from rheological data.

Colloid and Polymer Science 16, 1647-1657


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August 2012