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Publikationen Prof. Dr. Gert Heinrich

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1.Kapgate, B. P.; Das, C.; Basu, D.; Das, A.; Heinrich, G.; Reuter, U.
Effect of silane integrated sol-gel derived in situ silica on the properties of nitrile rubber mehr
Journal of Applied Polymer Science 131 (2014) Advance Article
2.Karakashev, S. I.; Stöckelhuber, K.W.; Tsekov, R.; Heinrich, G.; Phan, C. M.
Tribology of thin wetting films between bubble and moving solid surface mehr
Advances in Colloid and Interfaces Science 210 (2014) 39-46
3.Grenzer, M.; Toshchevikov, V.; Gazuz, I.; Petry, F.; Westermann, S.; Heinrich, G.
Multiscale approach to dynamic-mechanical analysis of unfilled rubbers mehr
Macromolecules 47 (2014) 4813-4823
4.Basu, D.; Das, A.; George, J. J.; Wang, De-Yi; Stöckelhuber, K.W.; Wagenknecht, U.; Leuteritz, A.; Kutlu, B.; Reuter, U.; Heinrich, G.
Unmodified LDH as reinforcing filler for XNBR and the development of flame-retardant elastomer composites mehr
Rubber Chemistry and Technology 87 (2014) Article in press
5.Shabanian, M.; Kang, N.-J.; Liu, J.; Wagenknecht, U.; Heinrich, G.; Wang, De-Yi
Bio-based semi-aromatic polyamide/functional clay nanocomposites: preparation and properties mehr
RSC Advances 4 (2014) 23420-23427
6.Tzounis, L.; Debnath, S.; Rooj, S.; Mäder, E.; Das, A.; Stamm, M.; Heinrich, G.
High performance natural rubber compositives with a hierarchical reinforcement structure of carbon nanotube modified natural fibers mehr
Materials and Design 58 (2014) 1-11
7.Basu, D.; Das, A.; Stöckelhuber, K.W.; Jehnichen, D.; Formanek, P.; Sarlin, E.; Vuorinen, J.; Heinrich, G.
Evidence for an in situ developed polymer Phase in ionic elastomers mehr
Macromolecules 47 (2014) 3436-3450
8.Brunotte, R.; Nagel, J.; Mennig, G.; Heinrich, G.; Gehde, M.
Polyolefin surface modification during injection molding using radical reactions in liquid phase mehr
Macromolecular Reaction Engineering 8 (2014) 412-417
9.Schneider, K.; Schulze, A.; Heinrich, G.; Lombardi, R.; Calabro, R.; Kippscholl, C.; Horst, Th.
Charakterisierung und Versagensverhalten von Elastomeren bei dynamischer biaxialer Belastung mehr
Kautschuk Gummi Kunststoffe (2014) 48-52
10.Stocek, R.; Kipscholl, R.; Euchler, E.; Heinrich, G.
Study of the relationship between fatigue crack growth and dynamic chip & cut behavior of reinforced rubber materials mehr
Kautschuk Gummi Kunststoffe (2014) 26-29
11.Kutlu, B.; Schröttner, P.; Leuteritz, A.; Boldt, R.; Jacobs, E.; Heinrich, G.
Preparation of melt-spun antimicrobially modified LDH/polyolefin nanocomposite fibers mehr
Materials Science and Engineering / C 41 (2014) 8-16
12.Le, Hai Hong; Parsekar, M.; Ilisch, S.; Henning, S.; Das, A.; Stöckelhuber, K.W.; Beiner, M.; Ho, Chi Anh; Adhikari, R.; Wießner, S.; Heinrich, G.; Radusch, H. J.
Effect of non-rubber components of NR on the carbon nanotube (CNT) localization in SBR/NR blends mehr
Macromolecular Materials and Engineering 299 (2014) 569-582
13.Hintze, C.; Borin, D.; Ivaneiko, D.; Toshchevikov, V.; Grenzer, M.; Heinrich, G.
Soft magnetic elastomers with controllable stiffness: experiments and modelling mehr
Kautschuk Gummi Kunststoffe 67 (2014) 53-59
14.Khalili, R.; Jafari, S.H.; Saeb, M. R.; Khonakdar, H. A.; Wagenknecht, U.; Heinrich, G.
Toward in situ compatibilization of polyolefin ternary blends through morphological manipulations mehr
Macromolecular Materials and Engineering (2014) Early view
15.Heinrich, G.; Wagenknecht, U.
Eurofillers 2011 : Special Issue mehr
in: Macromolecular Symposia, Heinrich, G.; Wagenknecht, U., ed. (Wiley-VCH 2014) 338, Pages 1 - 107
16.Mahanandia, P.; Simon, F.; Heinrich, G.; Nanda, K.K.
An electrochemical method for the synthesis of few layer graphene sheets for high temperature applications mehr
Chemical Communications 50 (2014) 4613.4615
17.Mousa, A.; Heinrich, G.; Wagenknecht, U.
Wood-like material from thermoplastic polymer and landfill bio-materials: water absorption, thermal and morphological studies mehr
Polymers from Renewable Resources 5 (2014) 1-18
18.Ehrburger-Dolle, F.; Morfin, I.; Bley, F.; Livet, F.; Heinrich, G.; Piché, L.; Sutton, M.
Experimental clues of soft glassy rheology in strained filled elastomers mehr
Journal of Polymer Science: Part B: Polymer Physics 52 (2014) 647-656
19.Rastin, H.; Jafari, S.H.; Saeb, M. R.; Khonakdar, H. A.; Wagenknecht, U.; Heinrich, G.
On the reliability of existing theoretical models in anticipating type of morphology and domain size in HDPE/PA-6/EVOH ternary blends mehr
European Polymer Journal 53 (2014) 1-12
20.Le, Hai Hong; Hammann, E.; Ilisch, S.; Heinrich, G.; Radusch, H. J.
Selective wetting and dispersion of filler in rubber composites under influence of processing and curing additives mehr
Polymer 55 (2014) 1560-1569

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