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Publications Dr. Dieter Jehnichen

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1.Thompson, D.; Wagener, K. B.; Schulze, U.; Voit, B.; Jehnichen, D.; Malanin, M.
Spectroscopic examinations of hydrogen bonding in hydroxy-functionalized ADMET chemistry more
Macromolecular Rapid Communications 36 (2015) 60-64
2.Zakrzewska, S.; dos Ouros, A. C.; Schramm, N.; Jehnichen, D.; Häußler, L.; Pospiech, D.; Voit, B.; Schulze, U.; Pastore, H. O.
Synthesis of nanocomposites by in situ metallocene-catalyzed polymerization of propene more
European Polymer Journal (2014) In press
3.Horechyy, A.; Nandan, B.; Zafeiropoulos, N.E.; Jehnichen, D.; Göbel, M.; Stamm, M.; Pospiech, D.
Nanoparticle directed domain orientation in thin films of asymmetric block copolymers more
Colloid and Polymer Science 292 (2014) 2249-2260
4.Pospiech, D.; Jehnichen, D.
Self-organizing semifluorinated methacrylate copolymers more
in: Handbook of Fluoropolymer Science and Technology, Smith, D.W.; Iacono, S.T.; Iyer, S.S., ed. (Wiley & Sons 2014) , 235-290
5.Kinder, S.; Komber, H.; Jehnichen, D.; Häußler, L.; Böhme, F.; Garaleh, M.; Pospiech, D.; Voit, B.; Schulze, U.
Synthesis and characterization of comb-like copolymers based on poly(e-caprolactone) and poly(a-olefin) more
Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics 215 (2014) 733-741
6.Basu, D.; Das, A.; Stöckelhuber, K.W.; Jehnichen, D.; Formanek, P.; Sarlin, E.; Vuorinen, J.; Heinrich, G.
Evidence for an in situ developed polymer Phase in ionic elastomers more
Macromolecules 47 (2014) 3436-3450
7.Kutlu, B.; Leuteritz, A.; Boldt, R.; Jehnichen, D.; Heinrich, G.
Effects of LDH synthesis and modification on the exfoliation and introduction of a robust anion-exchange procedure more
Chemical Engineering Journal 243 (2014) 394-404
8.Tzounis, L.; Contreras-Caceres, R.; Schellkopf, L.; Jehnichen, D.; Fischer, D.; Cai, C.; Uhlmann, P.; Stamm, M.
Controlled growth of Ag nanoparticles decorated onto the surface of SiO2 spheres: A nanohybrid system with combined SERS and catalytic properties more
RSC Advances 4 (2014) 17846-17855
9.Das, A.; Boldt, R.; Jurk, R.; Jehnichen, D.; Fischer, D.; Stöckelhuber, K.W.; Heinrich, G.
Nano-scale morphological analysis of graphene - rubber composites using 3D transmission electron microscopy more
RSC Advances 4 (2014) 9300-9307
10.Mahmood, N.; Khan, Asad Ullah; Khan, M. Sohail; Stöckelhuber, K.W.; Das, A.; Jehnichen, D.; Heinrich, G.
Carbon nanotubes filled thermoplastic polyurethane-urea and carboxylated acrylonitrile butadiene rubber blend nanocomposites more
Journal of Applied Polymer Science 131 (2014) Article 40341
11.Ke, K.; Pötschke, P.; Jehnichen, D.; Fischer, D.; Voit, B.
Achieving b-phase poly(vinylidene fluoride) from melt cooling: effect of surface functionalized carbon nanotubes more
Polymer 55 (2014) 611-619
12.Jehnichen, D.; Friedel, P.; Selinger, R.; Korwitz, A.; Wengenmayr, M.; Berndt, A.; Pospiech, D.
Temperature dependent structural changes in thin films of random semifluorinated PMMA copolymers more
Powder Diffraction 28 (2013) 144-160
13.Hoffmann, T.; Heller, M.; Jehnichen, D.; Engelhardt, T.; Lehmann, D.
Influence of absorbing materials on the functionalization of poly(tetrafluoroethylene) during g-irradiation more
Journal of Applied Polymer Science 130 (2013) 1787-1793
14.Kutlu, B.; Leuteritz, A.; Boldt, R.; Jehnichen, D.; Wagenknecht, U.; Heinrich, G.
PANI-LDH prepared by polymerization-adsorption method and processing to conductive compounds more
Applied Clay Science 72 (2013) 91-95
15.Haloi, D. J.; Ata, S.; Singha, N. K.; Jehnichen, D.; Voit, B.
Acrylic AB and ABA block copolymers based on poly(2-ethylhexyl acrylate) (PEHA) and poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) via ATRP more
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 4 (2012) 4200-4207
16.Singha, N. K.; Kavitha, A.; Haloi, D. J.; Mandal, P.; Janke, A.; Jehnichen, D.; Komber, H.; Voit, B.
Effect of nanoclay on in situ preparation of "All acrylate" ABA triblock copolymers via ATRP and their morphology more
Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics 213 (2012) 2034-2043
17.Rooj, S.; Das, A.; Stöckelhuber, K.W.; Mukhopadhyay, N.; Bhattacharyya, A.R.; Jehnichen, D.; Heinrich, G.
Pre-intercalation of long chain fatty acid in the interlayer space of layered silicates and preparation montmorillonite/natural rubber nanocomposites more
Applied Clay Science 67-68 (2012) 50-56
18.Jung, A.; Peter, K.; Demco, D. E.; Jehnichen, D.; Moeller, M.
Nanocomposites based on layered silicates and epoxy resins: measurement of clay dispersion and exfoliation using TEM, solid-state NMR, and X-ray diffraction methods more
Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics 213 (2012) 389-400
19.Pakhomov, P. M.; Khizhnyak, S. D.; Rogova, E. A.; Galitsyn, V. P.; Jehnichen, D.; Hofmann, T.; Kulik, V.; Chmel, E.A.
Structure of the crystalline phase in gelled polyethylene and its effect on the orientational ability of gel fibers more
Polymer Science / Series A 54 (2012) 437-442
20.Pospiech, D.; Werner, S.; Jehnichen, D.; Komber, H.; Friedel, P.; Reuter, U.; Funari, S.; Perlich, .J.; Voit, B.
Multifunctionalized methacrylate di -and triblock copolymers: synthesis and nanostructure more
Journal of Nanostructured Polymers and Nanocomposites 8 (2012) 58-66

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