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Publications Dr. Mirko Nitschke

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1.Nitschke, M.; Gramm, S.
Preparation and analysis of switchable copolymers for biomedical application more
in: Switchable and Responsive Surfaces and Materials for Biomedical Applications, Zhang, J., ed. (Woodhead Publishing 2015) 1st ed., Chapter 6, 147-164
2.Grundke, K.; Pöschel, K.; Synytska, A.; Frenzel, R.; Drechsler, A.; Nitschke, M.; Cordeiro, A. L.; Uhlmann, P.; Welzel, P.
Experimental studies of contact angle hysteresis phenomena on polymer surfaces - Toward the understanding and control of wettability for different applications more
Advances in Colloid and Interfaces Science (2014) In press
3.Hinüber, C.; Chwalek, K.; Pan-Montojo, F.-J.; Nitschke, M.; Vogel, R.; Brünig, H.; Heinrich, G.; Werner, C.
Hierarchically structured nerve guidance channels based on poly-3-hydroxybutyrate enhance oriented axonal outgrowth more
Acta Biomaterialia 10 (2014) 2065-2095
4.Teichmann, J.; Valtink, M.; Nitschke, M.; Gramm, S.; Funk, R.; Engelmann, K.; Werner, C.
Tissue engineering of the corneal endothelium: a review of carrier materials more
Journal of Functional Biomaterials 4 (2013) 178-208
5.Teichmann, J.; Valtink, M.; Gramm, S.; Nitschke, M.; Werner, C.; Funk, R.H.W.; Engelmann, K.
Human corneal endothelial cell sheets for transplantation: thermo-responsive cell culture carriers to meet cell-specific requirements more
Acta Biomaterialia 9 (2013) 5031-5039
6.Salem, T.; Pleul, D.; Nitschke, M.; Müller, M.; Simon, F.
Different plasma-based strategies to improve the interaction of amionic dyes with polyester fabrics surface more
Applied Surface Science 264 (2013) 286-296
7.Milne, A. J. B.; Grundke, K.; Nitschke, M.; Frenzel, R.; Amirfazli, A.
Model and experimental study of surfactant solutions and pure liquids contact angles on complex surfaces more
in: Drops and Bubbles in Contact with Solid Surfaces, Ferrari, M. ; Liggieri, L. ; Miller, R., ed. (CRC Press 2012) , 175-209
8.Nitschke, M.; Ricciardi, S.; Gramm, S.; Zschoche, St.; Herklotz, M.; Rivolo, P.; Werner, C.
Surface modification of cell culture carriers: Routes to anhydride functionalization of polystyrene more
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 90 (2012) 41-47
9.Gramm, S.; Teichmann, J.; Nitschke, M.; Gohs, U.; Eichhorn, K.-J.; Werner, C.
Electron beam immobilization of functionalized poly(vinyl methyl ether) thin films on polymer surfaces - Towards stimuli responsive coatings for biomedical purposes more
eXPRESS Polymer Letters 5 (2011) 970-976
10.Duval, J. F. L.; Küttner, D.; Nitschke, M.; Werner, C.; Zimmermann, R.
Interrelations between charging, structure and electrokinetics of nanometric polyelectrolyte films more
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 362 (2011) 439-449
11.Engelmann, K.; Valtik, M.; Lindemann, D.; Nitschke, M.
Transplantation of corneal endothelium - chances and challenges more
Klinische Monatsblätter für Augenheilkunde 228 (2011) 712-723
12.Salem, T.; Uhlmann, P.; Nitschke, M.; Calvimontes, A.; Hund, R.-D.; Simon, F.
Modification of plasma pre-treated PET fabrics with poly-DADMAC and its surface activity towards acid dyes more
Progress in Organic Coatings 72 (2011) 168-174
13.Calvimontes, A.; Mauersberger, P.; Nitschke, M.; Dutschk, V.; Simon, F.
Effects of oxygen plasma on cellulose surface more
Cellulose 18 (2011) 803-809
14.Schröder, K.; Ohl, A.; Nitschke, M.
Plasmaprozesse zur Beeinflussung der Biokompatibilität von Oberflächen more
in: Vakuum-, Plasma-Technologien : Beschichtung und Modifizierung von Oberflächen, Blasek, G.; Bräuer, G., ed. (Eugen G. Leuze Verlag 2010) , 1106-1124
15.Lehmann, K.; Herklotz, M.; Espig, M.; Paumer, T.; Nitschke, M.; Werner, C.; Pompe, T.
A new approach to biofunctionalisation and micropatterning of multi-well plates more
Biomaterials 31 (2010) 8802-8809
16.Frenzel, R.; Synytska, A.; Nitschke, M.; Stamm, M.; Simon, F.; Grundke, K.
Ultrahydrophobe Oberflächen durch gezieltes Grenzflächendesign more
Chemie Ingenieur Technik 82 (2010) 297-308
17.Welzel, P.; Nitschke, M.; Freudenberg, U.; Zieris, A.; Götze, T.; Valtink, M.; Engelmann, K.; Werner, C. :
Polymer Hydrogels to Enable New Medical Therapies more
in: Hydrogel Sensors and Actuators : Engineering and Technology, Gerlach, G.; Arndt, K.-F., ed. (Springer 2009) 6, 249-266
18.Cordeiro, A. L.; Zimmermann, R.; Gramm, S.; Nitschke, M.; Janke, A.; Schäfer, N.; Grundke, K.; Werner, C.
Temperature dependent physicochemical properties of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide-co-N-(1-phenylethyl) acrylamide) thin films more
Soft Matter 5 (2009) 1367-1377
19.Cordeiro, A. L.; Zschoche, St.; Janke, A.; Nitschke, M.; Werner, C.
Functionalization of poly(dimethylsiloxane) surfaces with maleic anhydride copolymer films more
Langmuir 25 (2009) 1509-1517
20.Cordeiro, A. L.; Nitschke, M.; Janke, A.; Helbig, R.; D'Souza, F.; Donnelly, G. T.; Willemsen, P. R.; Werner, C.
Fluorination of poly(dimethylsiloxane) surfaces by low pressure CF4 plasma - physicochemical and antifouling properties more
eXPRESS Polymer Letters 3 (2009) 70-83

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