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Publications Kathrin Pöschel

1.Zschoche, St.; David, R.; Tavana, H.; Pöschel, K.; Petong, N.; Dutschk, V.; Grundke, K.; Neumann, A. W.
Robustness of wetting and morphology of maleimide copolymer films to choise of solvent and annealing more
Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 307 (2007) 53-61
2.Grundke, K.; Nitschke, M.; Minko, S.; Stamm, M.; Froeck, C.; Simon, F.; Uhlmann, St.; Pöschel, K.; Motornov, M.
Merging Two Concepts: Ultrahydrophobic Polymer Surfaces and Switchable Wettability more
in: Contact Angle, Wettability, and Adhesion, vol. 3, K.L. Mittal, ed. (VSP, Utrecht 2003) , 267-291
3.Grundke, K.; Zschoche, St.; Pöschel, K.; Gietzelt, Th.; Michel, S.; Friedel, P.; Jehnichen, D.; Neumann, A.W.
Wettability of Maleimide Copolymer Films: Effect of the Chain Length of n-Alkyl Side Groups on the Solid Surface Tension more
Macromolecules 34 (2001) 6768-6775