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Erber, M. ; Eichhorn, K.-J. ; Voit, B. ; Serghei, A. ; Kremer, F.
Characterization of thin polymer films on solid substrates by temperature depentent spectroscopic vis-ellipsometry (T-ellipsometry)

We report investigations of the glass transition temperature and thermal expansion behaviour of 20-1000 nm thick PMMA films and hyperbranched (hb) polyester with graded functionality on silicon wafers, respectively. A spectroscopic vis-ellipsometer connected with a heating cell was used. We show for the PMMA system that the variations of Tg are within the experimental error. On the other hand, we report for hb polyesters with graded functionality the mobility is confined in films below 300 nm thickness due to interfacial interaction (e.g. hydrogen-bonding). Furthermore the molecular weight and the architecture of the polymer have effects on the mobility.

Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering 99, 69


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October 2008
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