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Publikationen Dr. Cordelia Zimmerer

1.Nagel, J.; Pahner, F.-A.; Zimmerer, C.; Härtig, T.; Gehde, M.; Heinrich, G.
Electrostatic discharging behaviour of polycarbonate parts made by process-integrated surface modification mehr
Macromolecular Materials and Engineering 299 (2014)
2.Zimmerer, C.; Wolff-Fabris, F.; Koch, E.; Steiner, G.; Heinrich, G.
Chemical reactions between poly(carbonate) and poly(vinyl amine) thermally induced by a high magnetic field pulse mehr
Polymer 54 (2013) 6732-6738
3.Zimmerer, C.; Steiner, G.
Infrared and raman spectra mehr
in: Polymers Part 1: Definitions and Physical Properties I, Arndt, K.-F., Jipa, S., Krahl, F., Steiner, G., Zaharescu, T., Zimmerer, C. Arndt, K.-F.; Lechner, M. D., ed. (Springer 2013) 6, Ch. IV, 253-443
4.Zimmerer, C.; Nagel, J.; Steiner, G.; Heinrich, G.
Conductive polymers for elevated temperature applications based on sodium sulfosuccinate coupled poly(ethylene glycol)s mehr
Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics 212 (2011) 2641-2647
5.Nagel, J.; Chunsod, P.; Zimmerer, C.; Simon, F.; Janke, A.; Heinrich, G.
Immobilization of gold nanoparticles on a polycarbonate surface layer during molding mehr
Materials Chemistry and Physics 129 (2011) 599-604
6.Salzer, R.; Zimmerer, C.; Kitsche, M.; Steiner, G.; Braun, H.-G.
Molecular Imaging of Microstructured Polymer Surfaces mehr
Progress in Colloid and Polymer Science 132 (2006) 7-15
7.Steiner, G.; Zimmerer, C.; Braun, H.-G.; Friedrich, S.; Salzer, R.
Ionenkanal-Array : Eine neue Generation von Sensoren mehr
Bioforum 26 (2003) 215-217
8.Steiner, G.; Zimmerer, C.; Braun, H.-G.; Friedrich, S.; Salzer, R.
Optical Biosensor with Ion Channel Array mehr
Screening 4 (2003) 32-33
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