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1.Mende, M.; Schwarz, D.; Schwarz, S.
Preparations of stable aqueous dispersions of calcium carbonate and clay nanoparticle mehr
Journal Nanotechnology Progress International (JONPI) 4 (2013) 15-27
2.Krause, B.; Mende, M.; Petzold, G.; Boldt, R.; Pötschke, P.
Characterization of dispersability of industrial nanotube materials and their length distribution before and after melt processing mehr
in: Carbon Nanotube-Polymer Composites, Tasis, Dimitrios, ed. (RSC Press 2013) , 212-233
3.Schwarz, S.; Mende, M.
Rheological properties and stability behaviour of dispersions
Paint and Varnishes (2013) 12-18
4.Lu, L.; Mende, M.; Yang, X.; Körber, H. F.; Schnittler, H.-J.; Weinert, S.; Heubach, J.F.; Werner, C.; Ravens, U.
Design and validation of a bioreactor for simulating the cardiac niche: a system incorporating cyclic stretch, electrical stimulation, and constant perfusion mehr
Tissue Engineering A 19 (2013) 403-414
5.Sobolkina, Â.; Mechtcherine, V.; Khavrus, V.; Maier, D.; Mende, M.; Ritschel, M.; Leonhardt, A.
Dispersion of carbon nanotubes and its influence on the mechanical properties of the cement matrix mehr
Cement & Conrete Composites 34 (2012) 1104-1113
6.Krause, B.; Mende, M.; Petzold, G.; Boldt, R.; Pötschke, P.
Methoden zur Charakterisierung der Dispergierbarkeit und Längenanalyse von Carbon Nanotubes mehr
Chemie Ingenieur Technik 84 (2012) 263-271
7.Mende, M.; Schwarz, S.; Zschoche, St.; Petzold, G.; Janke, A.
Influence of the hydrophobicity of polyelectrolytes on polyelectrolyte complex formation and complex particle structure and shape mehr
Polymers [Open Access] 3 (2011) 1363-1376
8.Krause, B.; Villmow, T.; Boldt, R.; Mende, M.; Petzold, G.; Pötschke, P.
Influence of dry grinding in a ball mill on the length of multiwalled carbon nanotubes and their dispersion and percolation behaviour in melt mixed polycarbonate composites mehr
Composites Science and Technology 71 (2011) 1145-1153
9.Krause, B.; Mende, M.; Pötschke, P.; Petzold, G.
Dispersability and particle size distribution of CNTs in an aqueous surfactant dispersion as a function of ultrasonic treatment time mehr
Carbon 48 (2010) 2746-2754
10.Petzold, G.; Goltzsche, C.; Mende, M.; Schwarz, S.; Jaeger, W.
Monitoring the stability of nanosized silica dispersions in presence of polycations by a novel centrifugal sedimentation method mehr
Journal of Applied Polymer Science 114 (2009) 696-704
11.Petzold, G.; Rojas, R.; Mende, M.; Schwarz, S.
Application relevant characterization of aqueous silica nanodispersions mehr
Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology 30 (2009) 1216-1222
12.Petzold, G.; Dutschk, V.; Mende, M.; Miller, R.
Interaction of cationic surfactant and anionic polyelectrolytes in mixed aueous solutions mehr
Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 319 (2007) 43-50
13.Petzold, G.; Schwarz, S.; Mende, M.; Petzold, G.
Dye flocculation using polyampholytes and polyelectrolyte-surfactant nanoparticles mehr
Journal of Applied Polymer Science 104 (2007) 1342-1349
14.Boyko, V.; Richter, S.; Mende, M.; Schwarz, S.; Zschoche, St.; Arndt, K.-F.
Characterization of polyelectrolyte complexes based on maleic anhydride alternating copolymers by static and dynamic light scattering mehr
Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics 208 (2007) 710-717
15.Petzold, G.; Mende, M.; Kochurova, N.
Polymer-surfactant complexes as flocculants mehr
Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 298 (2007) 139-144
16.Mende, M.; Schwarz, S.; Petzold, G.; Jaeger, W.
Destabilisation of model silica dispersions by polyelectrolyte complex particles with different charge excess, hydrophobicity and particle size mehr
Journal of Applied Polymer Science 103 (2006) 3776-3784
17.Schwarz, S.; Jaeger, W.; Bratskaya, S.; Bohrisch, J.; Schimmel, T.; Mende, M.; Oelmann, M.; Boyko, V.
Formation of polyelectrolyte complexes in a polycarboxybetaine/weak polyanion system mehr
Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 276 (2006) 65-71
18.Buchhammer, H.-M.; Mende, M.; Oelmann, M.
Preparation of monodisperse polyelectrolyte complex nanoparticles in dilute aqueous solution mehr
Progress in Colloid and Polymer Science 124 (2004) 98-102
19.Mende, M.; Buchhammer, H.-M.; Schwarz, S.; Petzold, G.; Jaeger, W.
The Stability of Polyelectrolyte Complex Systems of Poly(diallydimethyl-ammonium chloride) with Different Polyanions mehr
Macromolecular Symposia 211 (2004) 121-133
20.Buchhammer, H.-M.; Mende, M.; Oelmann, M.
Formation of mono-sized polyelectrolyte complex dispersions: effects of polymer molecular weight, concentration and mixing conditions mehr
Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 218 (2003) 151-159

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