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1.Bunk, J.; Drechsler, A.; Friedel, P.; Rauch, S.; Uhlmann, P.; Stamm, M.; Rennekamp, R.
Nanoparticle distribution in three-layer polymer-nanoparticle composite films: Comparison of experiment and theory mehr
Particle and Particle Systems Characterization 32 (2015) 123-131
2.Jehnichen, D.; Friedel, P.; Selinger, R.; Korwitz, A.; Wengenmayr, M.; Berndt, A.; Pospiech, D.
Temperature dependent structural changes in thin films of random semifluorinated PMMA copolymers mehr
Powder Diffraction 28 (2013) 144-160
3.Gube, A.; Komber, H.; Sahre, K.; Friedel, P.; Voit, B.; Böhme, F.
Formation of oligomeric and macrocyclic ureas based on 2,6-diaminopyridine mehr
Journal of Organic Chemistry 77 (2012) 9620-9627
4.Boye, S.; Appelhans, D.; Boyko, V.; Zschoche, St.; Komber, H.; Friedel, P.; Formanek, P.; Janke, A.; Voit, B.; Lederer, A.
pH-triggered aggregate shape of different generations lysine-dendronized maleimide copolymers with maltose shell mehr
Biomacromolecules 13 (2012) 4222-4235
5.Pospiech, D.; Werner, S.; Jehnichen, D.; Komber, H.; Friedel, P.; Reuter, U.; Funari, S.; Perlich, .J.; Voit, B.
Multifunctionalized methacrylate di -and triblock copolymers: synthesis and nanostructure mehr
Journal of Nanostructured Polymers and Nanocomposites 8 (2012) 58-66
6.Hoffmann, T.; Friedel, P.; Harnisch, C.; Häußler, L.; Pospiech, D.
Investigation of thermal decomposition in phosphonic acids mehr
Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis 96 (2012) 43-53
7.Burchard, W.; Lederer, A.; Khalyavina, A.; Lindner, P.; Schweins, R.; Friedel, P.; Wiemann, M.
SANS investigation of global and segmental structures of hyperbranched aliphatic-aromatic polyesters mehr
Macromolecules 45 (2012) 3177–3187
8.Fischer, O.; Pospiech, D.; Korwitz, A.; Sahre, K.; Häußler, L.; Friedel, P.; Fischer, D.; Harnisch, C.; Bykov, Y.; Döring, M.
Synthesis and properties of phosphorus-polyesters with systematically altered phosphorus environment mehr
Polymer Degradation and Stability 96 (2011) 2198-2208
9.Jehnichen, D.; Pospiech, D.; Friedel, P.; Funari, S.
Semifluorinated PMMA / PSFMA diblock copolymers with multiple phase separation mehr
Zeitschrift für Kristallographie : Proceedings issue 1 (2011) 487-492
10.Werner, S.; Pospiech, D.; Jehnichen, D.; Eckstein, K.; Komber, H.; Friedel, P.; Janke, A.; Näther, F.; Reuter, U.; Voit, B.; Taurino, R.; Messori, M.
Synthesis and phase-separation behavior of a,v-difunctionalized diblock copolymers mehr
Journal of Polymer Science: Part A: Polymer Chemistry 49 (2011) 926-937
11.Boye, S.; Komber, H.; Friedel, P.; Lederer, A.
Solution properties of selectively modified hyperbranched polyesters mehr
Polymer 51 (2010) 4110-4120
12.Jehnichen, D.; Pospiech, D.; Ptacek, S.; Eckstein, K.; Friedel, P.; Janke, A.; Papadakis, C.M.
Nanophase-separated diblock copolymers: Structure investigations on PPMA-b-PMMA using X-ray scattering methods mehr
Zeitschrift für Kristallographie 30 (2009) S, 485-490
13.Jehnichen, D.; Tenkovtsev, A.V.; Oertel, U.; Dudkina, M.M.; Lukoshkin, V.A.; Friedel, P.; Pospiech, D.
Optical effects of intercalation of a NLO active chromophore into montmorillonite clay mehr
Journal of Nanostructured Polymers and Nanocomposites 4 (2008) 87-93
14.Jehnichen, D.; Pospiech, D.; Häußler, L.; Friedel, P.; Funari, S.; Tsuwi, J.; Kremer, F.
Microphase separation in semifluorinated polyesters mehr
Zeitschrift für Kristallographie / Supplement issue 26 (2007) 605-610
15.Appelhans, D.; Zhong, Y.; Komber, H.; Friedel, P.; Oertel, U.; Scheler, U.; Morgner, N.; Kuckling, D.; Richter, S.; Seidel, J.; Brutschy, B.; Voit, B.
Oligosaccharide-modified poly(propyleneimine) dendrimers: Synthesis, structure determination, and Cu(II) complexationa mehr
Macromolecular Bioscience 7 (2007) 373-383
16.Keska, R.; Pospiech, D.; Eckstein, K.; Jehnichen, D.; Ptacek, S.; Häußler, L.; Friedel, P.; Janke, A.; Voit, B.
Study of the phase behavior of poly(pentyl methacrylate-b-methyl methacrylate) diblock copolymers mehr
Journal of Nanostructured Polymers and Nanocomposites 2 (2006) 43-52
17.Keska, R.; Pospiech, D.; Eckstein, K.; Jehnichen, D.; Friedel, P.; Grundke, K.; Voit, B.
Nanostructured poly(penyl methacrylat)-block-poly(methyl methacrylate) diblock copolymers: influence of the chemical structure on the wettability
Macromolecular Bioscience 6 (2006) F12-F14
18.Appelhans, D.; Zhong, Y.; Kirchner, R.; Seidel, J.; Komber, H.; Friedel, P.
Complexing behavior of surface-modified dendrimers towards metal ions
Macromolecular Bioscience 6 (2006) F31
19.Friedel, P.; Bergmann, J.; Kleeberg, R.; Schubert, G.
A proposition for the structure of ammonium hydrogen (acid) urate from uroliths mehr
Zeitschrift für Kristallographie 23 (2006) 517-522
20.Tsuwi, J.; Appelhans, D.; Zschoche, St.; Zhuang, R.-C.; Friedel, P.; Häußler, L.; Voit, B.; Kremer, F.
Molecular dynamics in fluorinated side-chain maleimide copolymers as studied by broadband dielectric spectroscopy mehr
Colloid and Polymer Science 283 (2005) 1321-1333

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