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Publikationen Dr. Marina Prewitz

1.Prewitz, M.; Seib, P.; Pompe, T.; Werner, C.
Biomaterials to direct stem cell fate mehr
in: Stem Cells : From Basic Research to Therapy Volume Two: Tissue Homeostasis and Regeneration during Adulthood, Applications, Legislation and Ethics, Calegari, F.; Waskow, C., ed. (CRC Press 2014) , Chapter 8
2.Murray, P.; Prewitz, M.; Hopp, I.; Wells, N.; Zhang, H.; Cooper, A.; Parry, K. L.; Short, R.; Antoine, D. J.; Edgar, D.
The self-renewal of mouse embryonic stem cells is regulated by cell-substratum adhesion and cell spreading mehr
International Journal of Biochemistry & Cell Biology 45 (2013) 2698-2705
3.Prewitz, M.; Seib, P.; Bonin, M. v.; Friedrichs, J.; Stißel, A.; Niehage, C.; Müller, K.; Anastassiadis, K.; Waskow, C.; Hoflack, B.; Bornhäuser, M.; Werner, C.
Tightly anchored tissue-mimetic matrices as instructive stem cell microenvironments mehr
Nature Methods 10 (2013) 788-794
4.Ofenbauer, A.; Sebinger, D.; Prewitz, M.; Gruber, P.; Werner, C.
Dewaxed ECM: A simple method for analyzing cell behaviour on decellularized extracellular matrices mehr
Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (2013) Early view
5.Prewitz, M.; Seib, P.; Pompe, T.; Werner, C.
Polymeric biomaterials for stem cell bioengineering mehr
Macromolecular Rapid Communications 33 (2012) 1420-1431
6.Lescarbeau, R. M.; Seib, P.; Prewitz, M.; Werner, C.; Kaplan, D. L.
In vitro model of metastasis to bone marrow mediates prostate cancer castration resistant growth through paracrine and extracellular matrix factors mehr
PLoS one [Elektronische Ressource] 7 (2012) e40372 [11 pages]
7.Pompe, T.; Prewitz, M.; Werner, C.
Polymere Biomaterialien als zelluläre Mikromilieus mehr
Biospektrum (2012) 383-384
8.Freudenberg, U.; Sommer, J.-U.; Levental, K.; Welzel, P; Zieris, A.; Chwalek, K.; Schneider, K.; Prokoph, S.; Prewitz, M.; Dockhorn, R.; Werner, C.
Using Mean Field Theory to Guide Biofunctional Materials Design mehr
Advanced Functional Materials 22 (2012) 1391-1398
9.Seib, P.; Bornhäuser, M.; Prewitz, M.; Werner, C.
Matrix elasticity regulates cytokine expression of human bone marrow-derived multipotent mesenchymal stromal cell (MSCs) mehr
Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 389 (2009) 663-667
10.Longshaw, V. M.; Baxter, M.; Prewitz, M.; Blatch, G. L.
Knockdown of the co-chaperone Hop promotes extranuclear accumulation of Stat3 in mouse embryonic stem cells mehr
European Journal of Cell Biology 88 (2009) 153-166
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