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Fan, Q. ; Qin, Z. ; Gao, S.-L. ; Wu, Y. ; Pionteck, J. ; Mäder, E. ; Zhu, M.
The use of a carbon nanotube layer on a polyurethane multifilament substrate for monitoring strains as large as 400%

A noninvasive approach is used to fabricate electronically conductive and flexible polymer fibers by fixing carbon nanotube (CNT) networks as a thin layer on thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) multifilaments. The anchoring of the CNT layer is achieved by partially embedding or penetrating CNTs from the dispersion into the swollen multifilament surface. Thus a stable and high conductivity (up to 102 S/m at 10 wt.% CNT loading) of the resulting CNTs–TPU fibers is realized while the mechanical properties of the TPU multifilament, especially the strain to failure of >1500%, are not affected by increasing the thickness of the CNT layer. Real time analysis of the resistance of the CNTs–TPU fibers during incremental tensile loading tests reveal that the increase of resistance as a function of the strain is attributed to stretching-induced deformation, alignment, and, at high strains, destruction of the conducting network. Moreover, the changes in resistance are highly reversible under cyclic stretching up to a strain deformation of 400%.

Carbon 50, 4085-4092


July 2012
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