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Beyreuther, R. ; Tändler, B. ; Vogel, R. ; Hoffmann, M.
Melt spinning of reactive extruded and/or blended polymer fibers by means of an online coupled twin screw extruder

After some general introductory remarks to the advantageous application of a twin screw extrusion to the melt spinning the lecture deals with investigations of elastomeric fibers consisting of ethylene-octene-copolymers which have been grafted by organosilanes and additionally blended with polybutylenterephthalates (PBT) and/or polyesterelastomers (PEE), all by means of a reactive twin screw extruder coupled with a side feeding single screw extruder in an online melt spinning process. It will be demonstrated that considerably improved mechanical properties of the elastomeric EO-fibers can be reached with this additional blend step. All spun fiber samples will be characterized regarding their structural and mechanical properties extensively.
This work is a decisive expansion of our results published during the last two years regarding to the twin screw extrusion melt spinning [1 to 4].

International Polymer Processing 18, 74-79


December 2003
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