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Publications Prof. Dr. Gert Heinrich

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1.Tzounis, L.; Debnath, S.; Rooj, S.; Mäder, E.; Das, A.; Stamm, M.; Heinrich, G.
High performance natural rubber compositives with a hierarchical reinforcement structure of carbon nanotube modified natural fibers more
Materials and Design 58 (2014) 1-11
2.Mahanandia, P.; Simon, F.; Heinrich, G.; Nanda, K.K.
An electrochemical method for the synthesis of few layer graphene sheets for high temperature applications more
Chemical Communications 50 (2014) 4613.4615
3.Mousa, A.; Heinrich, G.; Wagenknecht, U.
Wood-like material from thermoplastic polymer and landfill bio-materials: water absorption, thermal and morphological studies more
Polymers from Renewable Resources 5 (2014) 1-18
4.Ehrburger-Dolle, F.; Morfin, I.; Bley, F.; Livet, F.; Heinrich, G.; Piché, L.; Sutton, M.
Experimental cluse of soft glassy rheology in strained filled elastomers more
Journal of Polymer Science: Part B: Polymer Physics 52 (2014) 647-656
5.Rastin, H.; Jafari, S.H.; Saeb, M. R.; Khonakdar, H. A.; Wagenknecht, U.; Heinrich, G.
On the reliability of existing theoretical models in anticipating type of morphology and domain size in HDPE/PA-6/EVOH ternary blends more
European Polymer Journal 53 (2014) 1-12
6.Le, Hai Hong; Hammann, E.; Ilisch, S.; Heinrich, G.; Radusch, H. J.
Selective wetting and dispersion of filler in rubber composites under influence of processing and curing additives more
Polymer 55 (2014) 1560-1569
7.Gohs, U.; Mondal, M.; Thakur, V.; Naskar, K.; Wagenknecht, U.; Heinrich, G.
Ethylene propylene diene rubber and natural rubber based TPVs by electron induced reactive processing more
Thermoplastic elastomers : TPE magazine international (2014) 37-30
8.Kutlu, B.; Leuteritz, A.; Häußler, L.; Oertel, U.; Heinrich, G.
Stabilization of polypropylene using dye modified layered double hydroxides more
Polymer Degradation and Stability 102 (2014) 9-14
9.Baghaei, B.; Jafari, S.H.; Khonakdar, H. A.; Wagenknecht, U.; Heinrich, G.
Novel thermo-sensitive hydrogel composites based on PLGA nanoparticles embedded in PNIPAAm with sustained drug release behavior more
Journal of Applied Polymer Science (2014) Early view
10.Rastin, H.; Jafari, S.H.; Saeb, M. R.; Khonakdar, H. A.; Wagenknecht, U.; Heinrich, G.
Mechanica, rheological, and thermal behavior assessments in HDPE/PA-6/EVOH ternary blends with variable morphology more
Journal of Polymer Research 21 (2014) Art. 352
11.Heinrich, G.
Gummi bricht anders. Gespräch mit Prof. Heinrich more
GAK : Gummi Fasern Kunststoffe 67 (2014) 38-40
12.Basu, D.; Das, A.; Stöckelhuber, K.W.; Wagenknecht, U.; Heinrich, G.
Advances in layered double hydroxide (LDH)-based elastomer composites more
Progress in Polymer Science 39 (2014) 594-626
13.Ivaneiko, D.; Toshchevikov, V.; Grenzer, M.; Heinrich, G.
Mechanical properties of magneto-sensitive elastomers: unification of the continuum-mechanics and microscopic theoretical approaches more
Soft Matter 10 (2014) 2213-2225
14.Chatterjee, T.; Wießner, S.; Naskar, K.; Heinrich, G.
Novel thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPVs) based on silicone rubber and polyamide exploring peroxide cross-linking more
eXPRESS Polymer Letters 8 (2014) 220-231
15.Heinrich, G.
The Theory of Materials Failure / Richard M. Christensen. - Oxford University Press, 2013 - Buchrezension more
Physik Journal 13 (2014) 58
16.Kutlu, B.; Leuteritz, A.; Boldt, R.; Jehnichen, D.; Heinrich, G.
Effects of LDH synthesis and modification on the exfoliation and introduction of a robust anion-exchange procedure more
Chemical Engineering Journal 243 (2014) 394-404
17.Mousa, A.; Heinrich, G.; Wagenknecht, U.
Thermal properties of Carboxylated nitrile rubber/nylon-12 composites-filled lignocellulose materials more
Journal of Thermoplastic Composite Materials 27 (2014) 167-179
18.Hintze, C.; Stocek, R.; Horst, Th.; Jurk, R.; Wießner, S.; Heinrich, G.
Dynamic behavior of short aramid fiber-filled elastomer composites more
Polymer Engineering and Science 54 (2014) Early view
19.Das, A.; Boldt, R.; Jurk, R.; Jehnichen, D.; Fischer, D.; Stöckelhuber, K.W.; Heinrich, G.
Nano-scale morphological analysis of graphene - rubber composites using 3D transmission electron microscopy more
RSC Advances 4 (2014) 9300-9307
20.Hinüber, C.; Chwalek, K.; Pan-Montojo, F.-J.; Nitschke, M.; Vogel, R.; Brünig, H.; Heinrich, G.; Werner, C.
Hierarchically structured nerve guidance channels based on poly-3-hydroxybutyrate enhance oriented axonal aotgrowth more
Acta Biomaterialia 10 (2014) 2065-2095

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