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1.Welzel, P.; Friedrichs, J.; Grimmer, M.; Vogler, S.; Freudenberg, U.; Werner, C.
Cryogel micromechanics unraveled by atomic force microscopy-based nanoindentation more
Advanced Healthcare Materials 3 (2014) 1849-1853
2.Welzel, P.; Grimmer, M.; Renneberg, C.; Naujox, L.; Zschoche, St.; Freudenberg, U.; Werner, C.
Macroporous starPEG-heparin cryogels more
Biomacromolecules 13 (2012) 2349-2358
3.Welzel, P.; Prokoph, S.; Zieris, A.; Grimmer, M.; Zschoche, St.; Freudenberg, U.; Werner, C.
Modulating biofunctional starPEG heparin hydrogels by varying size and ratio of the constituents more
Polymers [Open Access] 3 (2011) 602-620
4.Zieris, A.; Prokoph, S.; Levental, K.; Welzel, P.; Grimmer, M.; Freudenberg, U.; Werner, C.
FGF-2 and VEGF functionalization of starPEG-heparin hydrogels to modulate biomolecular and physical cues of angiogenesis more
Biomaterials 31 (2010) 7985-7994
5.Zieris, A.; Prokoph, S.; Welzel, P.; Grimmer, M.; Levental, K.; Panyanuwat, W.; Freudenberg, U.; Werner, C.
Analytical approaches to uptake and release of hydrogel-associated FGF-2 more
Journal of Materials Science : Materials in Medicine 21 (2010) 915-923
6.Seib, P.; Müller, K.; Franke, M.; Grimmer, M.; Bornhäuser, M.; Werner, C.
Engineered extracellular matrices modulate the expression profile and feeder properties of bone marrow-derived human multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells more
Tissue Engineering A 15 (2009) 3161-3171
7.Freudenberg, U.; Hermann, A.; Welzel, P.; Stirl, K.; Schwarz, S.; Grimmer, M.; Zieris, A.; Panyanuwat, W.; Zschoche, St.; Meinhold, D.; Storch, A.; Werner, C.
A starPEG-heparin hydrogel platform to aid cell replacement therapies for neurodegenerative diseases more
Biomaterials 30 (2009) 5049-5060
8.Stamov, D.; Grimmer, M.; Salchert, K.; Pompe, T.; Werner, C.
Heparin intercalation into reconstituted collagen I fibrils: Impact on growth kinetics and morphology more
Biomaterials 29 (2008) 1-14
9.Freudenberg, U.; Behrens, S.-H.; Welzel, P.; Müller, M.; Grimmer, M.; Salchert, K.; Taeger, T.; Schmidt, K.; Pompe, W.; Werner, C.
Electrostatic interactions modulate the conformation of collagen I more
Biophysical Journal 92 (2007) 2108-2119
10.Pompe, T.; Renner, L.; Grimmer, M.; Herold, N.; Werner, C.
Functional Films of Maleic Anhydride Copolymers under Physiological Conditions more
Macromolecular Bioscience 5 (2005) 890-895
11.Salchert, K.; Oswald, J.; Streller, U.; Grimmer, M.; Herold, N.; Werner, C.
Fibrillar collagen assembled in the presence of glycosaminoglycans to constitute bioartificial stem cell niches in vitro more
Journal of Materials Science : Materials in Medicine 16 (2005) 581-585
12.Salchert, K.; Streller, U.; Pompe, T.; Herold, N.; Grimmer, M.; Werner, C.
In vitro Reconstitution of Fibrillar Collagen Type I Assemblies at Reactive Polymer Surfaces more
Biomacromolecules 5 (2004) 1340-1350
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