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Publications Dr. Claus Vogel

1.Vogel, C.; Meier-Haack, J.
Preparation of ion-exchange materials and membranes more
Desalination 342 (2014) 156-174
2.Asquith, B. M.; Meier-Haack, J.; Vogel, C.; Butwilowski, W.; Ladewig, B. P.
Side-chain sulfonated copolymer cation exchange membranes for electro-driven desalination applications more
Desalination 324 (2013) 93-98
3.Vogel, C.; Müller, A.; Lehmann, D.; Taeger, F.
Characterization of the Burning behaviour of plastics by a new method more
Open Journal of Polymer Chemistry 2 (2012) 86-90
4.Vogel, C.; Meier-Haack, J.
Catalytic Cs2CO3 promotes "silyl method"-type polycondensation more
Open Journal of Polymer Chemistry 2 (2012) 21-29
5.Vogel, C.; Komber, H.; Quetschke, A.; Butwilowski, W.; Pötschke, A.; Meier-Haack, J.
Side-chain sulfonated random and multiblock poly(ether sulfone)s for PEM applications more
Reactive & Functional Polymers 71 (2011) 828-842
6.Meier-Haack, J.; Vogel, C.; Butwilowski, W.; Lehmann, D.
Sulfonated Poly(ether sulfone)s for Fuel Cells by Solvent-Free Polymerization more
Pure and Applied Chemistry 79 (2007) 2083-2093
7.Meier-Haack, J.; Komber, H.; Vogel, C.; Butwilowski, W.; Schlenstedt, K.; Lehmann, D.
Side-chain sulfonated poly(arylene ether)s for fuel cell applications more
Macromolecular Symposia 254 (2007) 322-328
8.Böhme, U.; Vogel, C.; Meier-Haack, J.; Scheler, U.
Determination of charge and molecular weight of rigid-rod polyelectrolytes more
Journal of Physical Chemistry / B 111 (2007) 8344-8347
9.Böhme, U.; Vogel, C.; Meier-Haack, J.; Scheler, U.
Determination of the effective charge and molecular wight of polyelectrolytes by electrophoresis NMR more
Macromolecular Reaction Engineering 1 (2007) F63-F64
10.Meier-Haack, J.; Vogel, C.; Butwilowski, W.; Lehmann, D.
Fuel cell membranes via solvent-free polymerization more
Desalination 200 (2006) 299-301
11.Nagel, J.; Scheidler, D.; Hupfer, B.; Bräuer, M.; Pleul, D.; Vogel, C.; Lehmann, D.; Amesöder, S.
Blends of polypropylene, grafted with acrylic acid and maleic anhydride, with PA6 and its use in composites with polyamide 6 by two-component injection molding more
Journal of Applied Polymer Science 100 (2006) 2992-2999
12.Vogel, C.
Named Organic Reactions more
Wiley & Sons, Ltd. 2nd Editio (2005) X, 310 S.
13.Muthu Lakshmi, R.T.S.; Meier-Haack, J.; Schlenstedt, K.; Vogel, C.; Choudhary, V.; Varma, I.K.
Sulphonated poly(ether ether ketone) copolymers: Synthesis, characterization and membrane properties more
Journal of Membrane Science 261 (2005) 27-35
14.Meier-Haack, J.; Taeger, A.; Vogel, C.; Schlenstedt, K.; Lenk, W.; Lehmann, D.
Membranes from sulfonated block copolymers for use in fuel cells more
Separation and Purification Technology 41 (2005) 207-220
15.Vogel, C.; Meier-Haack, J.; Taeger, A.; Lehmann, D.
On the Stability of Selected Monomeric and Polymeric Aryl Sulfonic Acids Heating in Water (Part 1) more
Fuel Cells 4 (2004) 320-327
16.Taeger, A.; Vogel, C.; Lehmann, D.; Lenk, W.; Schlenstedt, K.; Meier-Haack, J.
Sulfonated Multiblock Copoly(ether sulfone)s as Membrane Materials for Fuel Cell Applications more
Macromolecular Symposia 210 (2004) 175-184
17.Taeger, A.; Vogel, C.; Lehmann, D.; Jehnichen, D.; Komber, H.; Meier-Haack, J.; Ochoa, N.A.; Nunes, S.P.; Peinemann, K.-V.
Ion exchange membranes derived from sulfonated polyaramides more
Reactive & Functional Polymers 57 (2003) 77-92
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