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Publications Norbert Smolka

1.Schwarz, S.; Jaeger, W.; Paulke, B.-R.; Bratskaya, S.; Smolka, N.; Bohrisch, J.
Cationic Flocculants Carrying Hydrophobic Functionalities: Applications of solid/liquid separation more
Journal of Physical Chemistry / B 111 (2007) 8649-8654
2.Petzold, G.; Geißler, U.; Smolka, N.; Schwarz, S.
Influence of humic acid on the flocculation of clay more
Colloid and Polymer Science 282 (2004) 670-676
3.Petzold, G.; Lunkwitz, K.; Geißler, U.; Smolka, N.
Effektives Flockungsmittelsystem zur Klärung anorganischer Trüben
WLB Wasser, Luft und Boden 45 (2001)
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