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1.Braun, H.-G.; Zamith-Cardoso, A.
Self-assembly of Fmoc-diphenylalanine inside liquid marbles more
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 97 (2012) 43-50
2.Hensel, R.; Braun, H.-G.
Free-floating hydrogel-based rafts supporting a microarray of functional entities at fluid interfaces more
Soft Matter 8 (2012) 5293-5300
3.Braun, H.-G.
Experimentelle Untersuchungen zur Strukturbildung ultradünner Polymerschichten auf mikroheterogenen Oberflächen more
Fakultät für Maschinenwesen der TU Dresden 2011 (2011) kumulative Habilitationsschrift, 97p.
4.Meyer, E.; Braun, H.-G.; Müller, M.
Preparation of evaporation-resistant aqueous microdroplet arrays as a model system for the study of molecular order at the liquid/air interface more
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 1 (2009) 1682-1687
5.Braun, H.-G.; Meyer, E.
Pattern formation in ultrathin polymer films prepared on microstructured surfaces more
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 126 (2008) 012027, 1-4
6.Meyer, E.; Braun, H.-G.
Micro- and nanomanipulation inside the SEM more
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 126 (2008) 012074, S.1-4
7.Braun, H.-G.; Meyer, E.
Some new application aspects of scanning microscopy more
in: Physics meets industry : Physical Measuring techniques for Industrial Requirements, J. Gegner, F. Haider, ed. (expert Verlag 2007) , 99-108
8.Salzer, R.; Zimmerer, C.; Kitsche, M.; Steiner, G.; Braun, H.-G.
Molecular Imaging of Microstructured Polymer Surfaces more
Progress in Colloid and Polymer Science 132 (2006) 7-15
9.Meyer, E.; Braun, H.-G.
Film formation of crystallizable polymers on microheterogeneous surfaces more
Journal of Physics : Condensed Matter 17 (2005) S623-S635
10.Meyer, E.; Braun, H.-G.
Solidification and Crystallisation
Control of Morphological Features in Micropatterned Ultrathin Films
Wiley-VCH (2004) 300-309
11.Zimmermann, R.; Kratzmüller, Th.; Erickson, D.; Li, D.; Braun, H.-G.; Werner, C.
Ionic Strength-Dependent pK-Shift in the Helix-Coil Transition of Grafted Poly(L-glutamic acid) Layers Analyzed by Electrokinetic and Ellipsometric Measurements more
Langmuir 20 (2004) 2369-2374
12.Wang, M.; Braun, H.-G.; Meyer, E.
Transition of Crystal Growth as a Result of Changing Polymer States in Ultrathin Poly(ethylene oxide)/Poly(methyl methacrylate) Blend Films with Thickness of <3 nm more
Macromolecules 37 (2004) 437-445
13.Steiner, G.; Zimmerer, C.; Braun, H.-G.; Friedrich, S.; Salzer, R.
Ionenkanal-Array : Eine neue Generation von Sensoren more
Bioforum 26 (2003) 215-217
14.Wang, M.; Braun, H.-G.; Meyer, E.
Crystalline structures in ultrathin poly(ethylene oxide)/poly(methyl methacrylate) blend films more
Polymer 44 (2003) 5015-5021
15.Steiner, G.; Zimmerer, C.; Braun, H.-G.; Friedrich, S.; Salzer, R.
Optical Biosensor with Ion Channel Array more
Screening 4 (2003) 32-33
16.Braun, H.-G.; Meyer, E.; Wang, M.
Dendritic Growth of Polyethylene Oxide on Patterned Surfaces more
in: Polymer Crystallization Observations, Concepts and Interpretations, Reiter, G.; Sommer, J.-U., ed. (Springer 2003) 606, 238-251
17.Fahmi, A.; Braun, H.-G.; Stamm, M.
Fabrication of Metallic Nanowires from Self-Assembled Diblock Copolymer Templates more
Advanced Materials 15 (2003) 1201-1204
18.Chanunpanich, N.; Ulman, A.; Strzhemechny, Y.M.; Schwarz, S.A.; Dornicik, J.; Rafailovich, M.; Sokolov, J.; Janke, A.; Braun, H.-G.; Kratzmüller, Th.
Grafting polythiopenen on polyethylene surfaces more
Polymer International 52 (2003) 172-178
19.Theato, P.; Zentel, R.; Braun, H.-G.
Controlled dewetting of polystyrene: a new procedure for structured polymer supported lipid bilayers more
Polymer Preprints 43 (2002) 734-735
20.Wang, M.; Braun, H.-G.; Meyer, E.
Branched Crystalline Patterns Formed Around Poly(ethylene oxide) Dots in Humidity more
Macromolecular Rapid Communications 23 (2002) 853-858

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