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1.Paolino, M.; Komber, H.; Mennuni, L.; Caselli, G.; Appelhans, D.; Voit, B.; Cappelli, A.
Supramolecular glycodendrimer-based hybrid drugs more
Biomacromolecules Just Accep (2014) Accepted Manuscript
2.Kiss, T.; Sija, É.; Jakusch, T.; Appelhans, D.
Synergesic effects of dendrimers on metal ion chelators with potential use in the therapy of Alzheimer's disease more
Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry 19 (2014) Suppl. 2, S737
3.Gräfe, D.; Gaitzsch, J.; Appelhans, D.; Voit, B.
Cross-linked polymersomes as nanoreactors for controlled and stabilized single and cascade enzymatic reactions more
Nanoscale 6 (2014) 10752-10761
4.Tripp, S.; Appelhans, D.; Striegler, C.; Voit, B.
Oligosaccharide shells as decisive factor for moderate and strong ionic interactions of dendritic poly(ethylene imine) scaffolds under shear forces more
Chemistry - A European Journal 20 (2014) 8314-8319
5.Schulze, N.; Appelhans, D.; Tiersch, B.; Koetz, J.
Morphological transformation of vesicles into tubular structures by adding polyampholytes or dendritic glycopolymers more
Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 457 (2014) 326-332
6.Bitan-Cherbakovsky , L.; Libster, D.; Appelhans, D.; Voit, B.; Aserin, A.; Garti, N.
Reversed hexagonal lyotropic liquid-crystal and open-shell glycodendrimers as potential behicles for sustained release of sodium diclofenac more
Journal of Physical Chemistry / B 118 (2014) 4016-4024
7.Hauptmann, N.; Pion, M.; Wehner, R.; Munoz Fernández, M.-Á.; Schmitz, M.; Voit, B.; Appelhans, D.
Potential of Ni(II)-NTA-modified poly(ethylene imine) glycopolymers as carrier system of future dendritic cell-based immunotherapy more
Biomacromolecules 15 (2014) 957-967
8.Majoinen, J.; Haataja, J.; Appelhans, D.; Lederer, A.; Olsewska, A.; Seitsonen, J.; Aseyev, V.; Kontturi, E.; Rosilo, H.; Österberg, M.; Houbenov, N.; Ikkala, O.
Supracolloidal multivalent interactions and wrapping of dendronized glycopolymers on native cellulose nanocrystals more
Journal of the American Chemical Society 136 (2014) 866-869
9.Ennen, F.; Boye, S.; Lederer, A.; Cernescu, M.; Komber, H.; Brutschy, B.; Voit, B.; Appelhans, D.
Biohybrid structures consisting of biotinylated glycodendrimers and proteins: influence of the biotin ligand's number and chemical nature on the biotin-avidin conjugation more
Polymer Chemistry 5 (2014) 1323-1339
10.Ziemba, B.; Franiak-Pietryga, I.; Pion, M.; Appelhans, D.; Munoz Fernández, M.-Á.; Voit, B.; Bryszewska, M.; Klajnert-Maculewicz, B.
Toxicity and proapoptotic activity of poly(propylene imine) glycodendrimers in vitro: Considering their contrary potential as biocompatible entity and drug molecule in cancer more
International Journal of Pharmaceutics 461 (2014)
11.Gaitzsch, J.; Appelhans, D.; Janke, A.; Strempel, M.; Schwille, P.; Voit, B.
Cross-linked and pH sensitive supported polymer bilayers from polymersomes - studies concerning thickness, rigidity and fluidity more
Soft Matter 10 (2014) 75-82
12.Gutsch, D.; Appelhans, D.; Höbel, S.; Voit, B.; Aigner, A.
Biocompatibility and efficacy of oligomaltose-grafted low-molecular weight PEIs (OM-PEIs) for in vivo gene delivery more
Molecular Pharmaceutics 10 (2013) 4666-4675
13.Klementieva, O.; Aso, E.; Filippin, D.; Benseny-Cases, N.; Carmona, M.; Juves, S.; Appelhans, D.; Cladera, J.; Ferrer, I.
Effect of poly(propylene imine) glycodendrimers on b-amyloid aggregation in vitro and in APP/PS1 transgenic mice, as a model of brain amyloid deposition and Alzheimer's disease more
Biomacromolecules 14 (2013) 3570-3580
14.Felczak, A.; Zawadzka, K.; Wronska, N.; Janaszewska, A.; Klajnert, B.; Bryszewska, M.; Appelhans, D.; Voit, B.; Lisowska, K.
Enhancement of antimicrobial activity by co-administration of poly(propylene imine) dendrimers and nadifloxacin more
New Journal of Chemistry 37 (2013) 4156-4162
15.Torger, B.; Vehlow, D.; Woltmann, B.; Striegler, C.; Hempel, U.; Appelhans, D.; Müller, M.
Delivery of bone therapeutic drugs by adhesive polyelectrolyte complexes more
de Gruyter 14 Sup. (2013) 33
16.Ionov, M.; Ciepluch, K.; Moreno, R.; Appelhans, D.; Sanchez-Nieves, J.; Gómez, R.; de la Mata, J. F.; Munoz Fernández, M.-Á.; Bryszewska, M.
Biophysical characterization of glycodendrimers as nano-carriers for HIV peptides more
Current Medicinal Chemistry 20 (2013) 3935-3943
17.Torger, B.; Vehlow, D.; Urban, B.; Salem, S.; Appelhans, D.; Müller, M.
Cast adhesive polyelectrolyte complex particle films of unmodified or maltose-modified poly(ethyleneimine) and cellulose sulphate: fabrication, film stability and retarded release of zoledronate more
Biointerphaces 8 (2013) 25 pages
18.Moukarzel, W.; Marty, J.-D.; Appelhans, D.; Mauzac, M.; Fitremann, J.
Straightforward synthesis of linear and hyperbranched sugar-grafted polysiloxanes more
Journal of Polymer Science: Part A: Polymer Chemistry 51 (2013) 3607-3618
19.Ottaviani, M. F.; Appelhans, D.; Javier de la Mata, F.; Garcia-Gallego, S.; Fattori, A.; Coppola, C.; Cangiotti, M.; Fiorani, L.; Majoral, J. P.; Caminade, A. M.; Bryszewska, M.; Smith, K.; Garti, N.; Klajnert, B.
Characterization of dendrimers and their interactions with biomolecules for medical use by means of electron magnetic resonance more
in: Dendrimers in Biomedical Applications, Klajnert, B.; Peng, L.; Cena, V., ed. (RSC Press 2013) , 115-133
20.Appelhans, D.; Benseny-Cases, N.; Klementieva, O.; Bryszewska, M.; Klajnert, B.; Cladera, J.
Dendrimers as antiamyloidogenic agents. Dendrimer-amyloid aggregates morphology and cell toxicity more
in: Dendrimers in Biomedical Applications, Klajnert, B.; Peng, L.; Cena, V., ed. (RSC Press 2013) , 1-13

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