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Publications Dipl.Chem.-Ing. Stefan Michel

1.Roth, J.; Albrecht, V.; Nitschke, M.; Bellmann, C.; Simon, F.; Zschoche, St.; Michel, S.; Luhmann, C.; Voit, B.; Grundke, K.
Tailoring the surface properties of silicone elastomers to improve adhesion of epoxy topcoat more
Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology 25 (2011) 1-26
2.Roth, J.; Albrecht, V.; Nitschke, M.; Bellmann, C.; Simon, F.; Zschoche, St.; Michel, S.; Luhmann, C.; Grundke, K.; Voit, B.
Surface functionalization of silicone rubber for permanent adhesion improvement more
Langmuir 24 (2008) 12603-12611
3.Nötzold, K.; Jäger, S.; Michel, S.; Reichelt, S.; Eichhorn, K.-J.; Gauglitz, G.; Grundke, K.
ADSA-TRIS: a new method to study interfacial phenomena at polymer-aqueous solution interfaces more
Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 391 (2008) 1739-1749
4.Grundke, K.; Michel, S.; Knispel, G.; Grundler, A.
Wettability of silicone and polyether impression materials: Characterization by surface tension and contact angle measurements more
Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 317 (2008) 598-609
5.Grundke, K.; Azizi, M.; Ziemer, A.; Michel, S.; Pleul, D.Pleul; Simon, F.; Voit, B.; Kreitschmann, M.; Kierkus, P.
Hyperbranched polyesters as potential additives to control the surface tension of polymers more
Surface Coatings International / Part B: Coatings Transactions 88 (2005) 101-106
6.Yang, J.; Grundke, K.; Bellmann, C.; Michel, S.; Kostiuk, L.W.; Kwok, D.Y.
Oscillating Streaming Potential and Electro-osmosis of Multilayer Membranes more
Journal of Physical Chemistry / B 108 (2004) 2103-2110
7.Ziemer, A.; Azizi, M.; Pleul, D.Pleul; Simon, F.; Michel, S.; Kreitschmann, M.; Kierkus, P.; Voit, B.; Grundke, K.
Influence of Hyperbranched Polyesters on the Surface Tension of Polyols more
Langmuir 20 (2004) 8096-8102
8.Synytska, A.; Michel, S.; Pleul, D.Pleul; Bellmann, C.; Schinner, R.; Eichhorn, K.-J.; Grundke, K.; Neumann, A.W.; Stamm, M.
Monitoring the Surface Tension of Reactive Epoxy-Amine Systems Under Different Environmental Conditions more
Journal of Adhesion 80 (2004) 667-683
9.Yang, J.; Bellmann, C.; Grundke, K.; Michel, S.; Kostiuk, L.W.; Kwok, D.Y.
Characterization of Porous Membranes by Zeta-Potential Under an AC Electric Field: Analytical Treatment of Time-Dependent Electroosmostic Flow more
Journal of Membrane Science 225 (2003) 155-164
10.Grundke, K.; Michel, S.; Synytska, A.
A New Method to Determine Simultaneously Density and Surface Tension of Polymeric Liquids Including Reactive Systems more
Adhesion and Interface 4 (2003) 30-36
11.Grundke, K.; Michel, S.; Eichhorn, K.-J.; Beyerlein, D.; Bayer, Th.
Influence of Chemical Interactions on the Macroscopic Spreading of a Maleic Anhydride Copolymer Melt more
Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics 203 (2002) 937-946
12.Grundke, K.; Zschoche, St.; Pöschel, K.; Gietzelt, Th.; Michel, S.; Friedel, P.; Jehnichen, D.; Neumann, A.W.
Wettability of Maleimide Copolymer Films: Effect of the Chain Length of n-Alkyl Side Groups on the Solid Surface Tension more
Macromolecules 34 (2001) 6768-6775
13.Wulf, M.; Uhlmann, P.; Michel, S.; Grundke, K.
How do Levelling Additives Affect Film Formation of Powder Coatings? more
Powder R & D Newsletter 2 (2000) 299-307
14.Amirfazli, A.; Grundke, K.; Michel, S.; Neumann, A. W.
A new method for simultaneous determination of surface tension and density of polymer melts from shape of a pendent drop more
Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering 82 (2000) 33-34
15.Uhlmann, P.; Wulf, M.; Juckel, H.; Michel, S.; Grundke, K.
4th International Conference Advances in Coatings Technology ACT 2000, Katowice, 7 - 10 November 2000
Film Formation of Powder Coatings - Differences in the Surface Activity of Levelling Additives Correlate with Application Properties
Institute of Plastics and Paint Industry (2000) getr. Zählung, 9 Seiten
16.Grundke, K.; Michel, S.; Osterhold, M.
Surface tension studies of additives in acrylic resin based powder coatings using the Wilhelmy balance technique more
Progress in Organic Coatings 39 (2000) 101-106
17.Wulf, M.; Uhlmann, P.; Michel, S.; Grundke, K.
How levelling additives affect the film formation of powder coatings more
Modern Paint & Coatings 90 (2000) 16-20
18.Wulf, M.; Uhlmann, P.; Michel, S.; Grundke, K.
Surface tension studies of leveling additives in powder coatings more
Progress in Organic Coatings 38 (2000) 59-66
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