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Publications Dr. Ralf Zimmermann

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1.Zimmermann, R.; Duval, J. F. L.; Werner, C.
Probing Biointerfaces - Electrokinetics more
in: Biointerfaces: Where Material Meets Biology, Hutmacher, D.; Chrzanowski, W., ed. (RSC Press 2015) , 55-73
2.Zieris, A.; Dockhorn, R.; Röhrich, A.; Zimmermann, R.; Müller, M.; Welzel, P.; Tsurkan, M.; Sommer, J.-U.; Freudenberg, U.; Werner, C.
Biohybrid networks of selectively desulfated glycosaminoglycans for tunable growth factor delivery more
Biomacromolecules 15 (2014) 4439-446
3.Zimmermann, R.; Romeis, D.; Bihannic, I.; Stuart, M.A.C.; Sommer, J.-U.; Werner, C.; Duval, J. F. L.
Electrokinetics as an alternative to neutron reflectivity for evaluation of segment density distribution in PEO brushes more
Soft Matter 10 (2014) 7804-7809
4.Schulze, A.; Maitz, M.F.; Zimmermann, R.; Marquardt, B.; Fischer, M.; Werner, C.; Went, M.; Thomas, I.
Permanent surface modification by electron-beam-induced grafting of hydrophilic polymers to PVDF membranes more
Journal of Membrane Science 3 (2013) 22518-22526
5.Zimmermann, R.; Dukhin, S. S.; Werner, C.; Duval, J. F. L.
On the use of electrokinetics for unraveling charging and structure of soft planar polymer films more
Current Opinion in Colloid and Interface Science 18 (2013) 83-92
6.Zimmermann, R.; Bartsch, S.; Freudenberg, U.; Werner, C.
Electrokinetic analysis to reveal composition and structure of biohybrid hydrogels more
Analytical Chemistry 84 (2012) 9592-9595
7.Warenda, M.; Richter, A.; Schmidt, D.; Janke, A.; Müller, M.; Simon, F.; Zimmermann, R.; Eichhorn, K.-J.; Voit, B.; Appelhans, D.
Fabrication pH-stable and swellable very thin hyperbranched poly(ethylene imine)- oligosaccharide films fabricated without precoating: first view on protein adsorption more
Macromolecular Rapid Communications 33 (2012) 1466-1473
8.Zimmermann, R.; Küttner, D.; Renner, L.; Kaufmann, M.; Werner, C.
Fluidity modulation of phospholipid bilayers by electrolyte ions: Insights from fluorescence microscopy and microslit electrokinetic experiments more
Journal of Physical Chemistry / A: Molecules, spectroscopy, kinetics, environment & general theory 116 (2012) 6519–6525
9.Dukhin, S. S.; Zimmermann, R.; Werner, C.
Surface conductivity more
in: Electrical phenomena at interfaces and biointerfaces : Fundamentals and applications in nano-, bio-, and environmental sciences, Ohshima, Hiroyuki, ed. (Wiley & Sons 2012) , 95-126
10.Duval, J. F. L.; Küttner, D.; Werner, C.; Zimmermann, R.
Electrohydrodynamics of soft polyelectrolyte multilayers: point of zero-streaming current more
Langmuir 27 (2011) 10739-10752
11.Duval, J. F. L.; Küttner, D.; Nitschke, M.; Werner, C.; Zimmermann, R.
Interrelations between charging, structure and electrokinetics of nanometric polyelectrolyte films more
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 362 (2011) 439-449
12.Pidhatika, B.; Möller, J.; Benetti, E. M.; Konradi, R.; Rakhmatullina, E.; Muehlebach, A.; Zimmermann, R.; Werner, C.; Vogel, V.; Textor, M.
The role of the interplay between polymer architecture and bacterial surface properties on the microbial adhesion to polyoxazoline-based ultrathin films more
Biomaterials 31 (2010) 9462-9472
13.Zimmermann, R.; Kuckling, D.; Kaufmann, M.; Werner, C.; Duval, J. F. L.
Electrokinetics of a poly(N-isopropylacrylamid-co-carboxyacrylamid) soft thin-film. Evidence of segment distribution in the swollen state more
Langmuir 26 (2010) 18169-18181
14.Richter, A.; Janke, A.; Zschoche, St.; Zimmermann, R.; Simon, F.; Eichhorn, K.-J.; Voit, B.; Appelhans, D.
pH-stable hyperbranched poly(ethyleneimine)-maltose films for the interaction with phosphate containing drugs more
New Journal of Chemistry 34 (2010) 2105-2108
15.Dukhin, S. S.; Zimmermann, R.; Duval, J. F. L.; Werner, C.
On the applicability of the Brinkman equation in soft surface electrokinetics more
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 350 (2010) 1-4
16.Müller, Y.; Tot, I.; Potthast, A.; Rosenau, T.; Zimmermann, R.; Eichhorn, K.-J.; Nitschke, C.; Scherr, G.; Freudenberg, U.; Werner, C.
The impact of esterification reactions on physical properties of cellulose thin films more
Soft Matter 6 (2010) 3680-3684
17.Lützenkirchen, J.; Zimmermann, R.; Preocanin, T.; Filby, A.; Kupcik, T.; Küttner, D.; Abdelmonem, A.; Schild, D.; Rabung, T.; Plaschke, M.; Brandenstein, F.; Werner, C.; Geckeis, H.
The attempt to explain bimodal behaviour of the sapphire c-plane electrolyte interface more
Advances in Colloid and Interfaces Science 157 (2010) 61-74
18.Zimmermann, R.; Freudenberg, U.; Schweiß, R.; Küttner, D.; Werner, C.
Hydroxide and hydronium ion adsorption - A survey more
Current Opinion in Colloid and Interface Science 15 (2010) 196-202
19.Duval, J. F. L.; Zimmermann, R.; Cordeiro, A. L.; Rein, N.; Werner, C.
Electrokinetics of diffuse soft interfaces. IV. Anaylsis of streaming current measurements at thermoresponsive thin films more
Langmuir 25 (2009) 10691-10703
20.Zimmermann, R.; Rein, N.; Werner, C.
Water ion adsorption dominates charging at nonpolar polymer surfaces in multivalent electrolytes more
Physical Chemistry, Chemical Physics 11 (2009) 4360-4364

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