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1.Nagel, J.; Heinrich, G.
Temperature transitions on the surface of a thermoplastic melt during injection moulding and its use for chemical reactions more
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 55 (2012) 6890-6896
2.John, A.; Nagel, J.; Heinrich, G.
Monte-Carlo simulation of compatibilization by network-building and catalytic interface reactions in two-component injection molding more
The Open Macromolecules Journal 6 (2012) 1-18
3.Zimmerer, C.; Nagel, J.; Steiner, G.; Heinrich, G.
Conductive polymers for elevated temperature applications based on sodium sulfosuccinate coupled poly(ethylene glycol)s more
Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics 212 (2011) 2641-2647
4.Nagel, J.; Chunsod, P.; Zimmerer, C.; Simon, F.; Janke, A.; Heinrich, G.
Immobilization of gold nanoparticles on a polycarbonate surface layer during molding more
Materials Chemistry and Physics 129 (2011) 599-604
5.John, A.; Nagel, J.; Heinrich, G.
Compatibilization in two-component injection molding by means of split type reactions exhibiting differently located reactive sites - a Monte Carlo simulation study more
The Open Macromolecules Journal 5 (2011) 1-12
6.Bräuer, M.; Wießner, S.; Edelmann, M.; Gedan-Smolka, M.; Hupfer, B.; Lehmann, D.; Nagel, J.; Schneider, K.
Verbundspritzgießen auf pulverlackierte Bleche more
Kautschuk Gummi Kunststoffe 63 (2010) 12-19
7.Härtig, T.; Nagel, J.; Gehde, M.
Prozessintegrierte Oberflächenmodifizierung more
Kunststoffe 100 (2010) 38-42
8.Härtig, T.; Nagel, J.; Lehmann, D.; Heinrich, G.
Process-integrated surface modification during injection molding more
Kunststoffe international : magazine for plastics ; official voice of German Plastics Associations (2010) 31-35
9.Bahners, T.; Hoffmann, G.; Nagel, J.; Schollmeyer, E.; Voigt, A.
The effect of a plasma pre-treatment on the quality of flock coatings on polymer substrates more
in: Contact Angle, Wettability and Adhesion ; Volume 6, Kash Mittal , ed. (Brill Academic Pub. 2009) , 325-340
10.John, A.; Nagel, J.; Heinrich, G.
Monte Carlo simulation of polymer reactions at interfaces more
Macromolecular Theory and Simulations 16 (2007) 430-440
11.Nagel, J.; Brunotte, R.; Hupfer, B.; Grundke, K.; Lehmann, D.; Mennig, G.
Investigations into the chemical modification of polyolefin by radical reactions during molding more
Macromolecular Reaction Engineering 1 (2007) 480-487
12.Brunotte, R.; Mennig, G.; Nagel, J.
In-situ surface modification of polycarbonate during injection moulding
International Journal of Plastics Technology (2006) 1-7
13.Pompe, G.; Bräuer, M.; Schweikle, D.; Nagel, J.; Hupfer, B.; Lehmann, D.
Influence of the Temperature Profile in the Interface on the Bond Strength of Polyamide-Polyurethane Two-Component Tensile Bars more
Journal of Applied Polymer Science 100 (2006) 4297-4305
14.Bräuer, M.; Hupfer, B.; Nagel, J.; Reuter, U.
Zweikomponenten-Spritzgießen von Hart-Weich-Verbunden : Neue Hart-Weich-Verbunde aus POM- und TPU mit POM-TPU-MDI-Blend als Hartkomponente more
Kautschuk Gummi Kunststoffe 59 (2006) 115-121
15.Schwarz, S.; Nagel, J.; Janke, A.; Jaeger, W.; Bratskaya, S.
Adsorption of Polyelectrolytes with hydrophobic Parts more
Progress in Colloid and Polymer Science 132 (2006) 102-109
16.Nagel, J.; Scheidler, D.; Hupfer, B.; Bräuer, M.; Pleul, D.; Vogel, C.; Lehmann, D.; Amesöder, S.
Blends of polypropylene, grafted with acrylic acid and maleic anhydride, with PA6 and its use in composites with polyamide 6 by two-component injection molding more
Journal of Applied Polymer Science 100 (2006) 2992-2999
17.Brunotte, R.; Holz, K.; Nagel, J.
Vorbereitung zum Lackieren und Kleben : Inline-Oberflächenmodifizierung im Spitzgießprozess more
Kunststoffe (2006) 67-70
18.He, X.; Nagel, J.; Lehmann, D.; Heinrich, G.
Interface Structure between Immiscible Reactive Polymers under Transreaction: a Monte Carlo Simulation more
Macromolecular Theory and Simulations 14 (2005) 305-311
19.Palumbo, M.; Nagel, J.; Petty, M. C.
Surface Plasmon Resonance Detection of Metal Ions: Layer-by-Layer Assembly of Polyelectrolyte Sensing Layers on a Multichannel Chip more
IEEE Sensors Journal 5 (2005) 1159-1164
20.Licea-Claverie, A.; Schwarz, S.; Simon,; Urzua-Sanchez, O.; Nagel, J.; Pleul, D.; Eichhorn, K.-J.; Janke, A.
Poly(dimethylaminoethylmethacrylate) hydrochloride (PDMAEM-HCI) a well behaving polycation for multilayer formation on planar surfaces more
Colloid and Polymer Science 283 (2005) 826-835

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