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Publications Gudrun Adam

1.Jyotishkumar, P.; Pionteck, J.; Häßler, R.; Adam, G.; Thomas, S.
Poly(acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) modified epoxy - amine systems analyzed by FTIR and modulated DSC more
Journal of Macromolecular Science Part B - Physics 51 (2012) 1425-1436
2.Malanin, M.; Eichhorn, K.-J.; Lederer, A.; Treppe, P.; Adam, G.; Fischer, D.; Voigt, D.
On-line preferential solvation studies of polymers by coupled chromatographic-fourier transform infrared spectroscopic flow-cell technique more
Journal of Chromatography / A 1216 (2009) 8939-8946
3.Mikhailova, Y.; Adam, G.; Häußler, L.; Eichhorn, K.-J.; Voit, B.
Temperature-dependent FTIR spectroscopic and thermoanalytic studies of hydrogen bonding of hydroxyl (phenolic group) terminated hyperbranched aromatic polyesters more
Journal of Molecular Structure 788 (2006) 80-88
4.Lehmann, D.; Adam, G.; Geißler, U.; Hupfer, B.; Janke, A.; Klüpfel, B.; Lappan, U.
Dreimal länger haltbar more
Kunststoffe 96 (2006) 60-63
5.Pompe, G.; Häußler, L.; Adam, G.; Eichhorn, K.-J.; Janke, A.; Hupfer, B.; Lehmann, D.
Reactive Polytetrafluoroethylene/Polyamide 6 Compounds. II. Study of the Reactivity with Respect to the Funtionality of the Polytetrafluoroethylene Component and Analysis of the Notched Impact Strength of the Polytetrafluoroethylene/Polyamide 6 Compounds more
Journal of Applied Polymer Science 98 (2005) 1317-1324
6.Eichhorn, K.-J.; Adam, G.
Polarized FT-IR Photoacoustic Spectroscopy on Polymer Fibers more
Macromolecular Symposia 205 (2004) 105-116
7.Eichhorn, K.-J.; Fahmi, A.; Adam, G.; Stamm, M.
Temperature-dependent FTIR spectroscopic studies of hydrogen bonding of the copolymer poly(styrene -b- 4-vinylpyridine) with pentadecylphenol more
Journal of Molecular Structure 661-662 (2003) 161-170
8.Ziemer, A.; Eichhorn, K.-J.; Adam, G.; Froeck, C.; Voit, B.; Kreitschmann, M.; Kierkus, P.
Temperature Dependent Studies of Molecular Interactions in a Low-Molecular Weight Ester Diol Mixed with a Hyperbranched Polyester Additive more
Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics 204 (2003) 1275-1283
9.König, U.; Nitschke, M.; Menning, A.; Eberth, G.; Pilz, M.; Arnhold, Ch.; Simon,; Adam, G.; Werner, C.
Durable Surface Modification of Poly(tetrafluoroethylene) by Low Pressure H2O Plasma Treatment Followed by Acrylic Acid Graft Polymerization more
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 24 (2002) 63-71
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