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1.Socher, R.; Jakisch, L.; Krause, B.; Oertel, U.; Voit, B.; Pötschke, P.
Interfacial chemistry using a bifunctional coupling agent for enhanced electrical properties of carbon nanotube based composites more
Polymer 54 (2013) 5391-5398
2.Zhang, H.; Jakisch, L.; Komber, H.; Voit, B.; Böhme, F.
Synthesis of multifunctional coupling agents and their selective reactions with hydroxy and amino groups in the melt more
Tetrahedron 69 (2013) 3656-3663
3.Gube, A.; Jakisch, L.; Häußler, L.; Schneider, K.; Voit, B.; Böhme, F.
Alternating block copolymers based on polyamide-12 and polycaprolactone more
Polymer International 61 (2012) 157-162
4.Yan, Y.; Yang, S.; Jakisch, L.; Pötschke, P.; Voit, B.
Synthesis of pyrene-capped polystyrene for dispersion of pristine single-walled carbon nanotubes more
Polymer International 60 (2011) 1425-1433
5.Hegewald, J.; Jakisch, L.; Pionteck, J.
Synthesis and characterization of oxazinone and oxazoline substituted pyrroles: Towards electrically conducting bi-functional copolymers more
Synthetic Metals 159 (2009) 103-112
6.Hegewald, J.; Pionteck, J.; Jakisch, L.; Voit, B.
Electrically conducting polypyrroles as multifunctional coupling agents in heterogeneous polymer blends more
Polymer Preprints 49 (2008) 326 - 327
7.Böhme, F.; Jakisch, L.; Komber, H.; Wursche, R.
Multifunctional coupling agents: Part 4: Block copolymers based on amino terminated polyamide 12 and carboxy terminated poly(butylene terephthalate) more
Polymer Degradation and Stability 92 (2007) 227-2277
8.Reichelt, S.; Jakisch, L.; Simon, F.; Grundke, K.; Eichhorn, K.-J.; Voit, B.
Two routes for immobilization of a hyperbranched OH-terminated polyester on a silicon surface more
Macromolecular Symposia 254 (2007) 240-247
9.Jakisch, L.; Komber, H.; Böhme, F.
Introduction of a new coupling agent for selective coupling of hydroxy and amino group-containing polymers more
Macromolecular Materials and Engineering 292 (2007) 557-570
10.Hegewald, J.; Pötschke, P.; Jakisch, L.; Pionteck, J.; Voit, B.
Electrically conducting polymers for interfacial modification of heterogeneous polymer blends more
Macromolecular Reaction Engineering 1 (2007) F71
11.Dung, B. T.; Jakisch, L.; Komber, H.; Häußler, L.; Voit, B.; Nghia, N. D.; Böhme, F.
Multifunctional Coupling Agents: 3. Segmented Block Copolymers Based on Carboxy-Terminated Poly(propylene oxide) and Amino-Terminated Polyamide 12 more
Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics 207 (2006) 1953-1964
12.Pionteck, J.; Sadhu, V.B.; Jakisch, L.; Pötschke, P.; Häußler, L.; Janke, A.
Crosslinkable coupling agents: Synthesis and use for modification of interfaces in polymer blends more
Polymer 46 (2006) 6563-6574
13.Jakisch, L.; Komber, H.; Wursche, R.; Böhme, F.
Multifunctional Coupling Agents. II. Chain Extension and Terminal Group Modification of Polyamides more
Journal of Applied Polymer Science 94 (2004) 2170-2177
14.Sadhu, V.B.; Pionteck, J.; Pötschke, P.; Jakisch, L.; Janke, A.
Creation of Crosslinkable Interphases in Polymer Blends more
Macromolecular Symposia 210 (2004) 165-174
15.Jakisch, L.; Komber, H.; Böhme, F.
Multifunctional Coupling Agents: Synthesis and Model Reactions more
Journal of Polymer Science: Part A: Polymer Chemistry 41 (2003) 655-667
16.Haberstroh, E.; Jakisch, L.; Henßge, E.; Schwarz, P.
Real-Time Monitoring of Reactive Extrusion Processes by Means of In-Line Infrared Spectroscopy and Infrared Temperature Measurement more
Macromolecular Materials and Engineering 287 (2002) 203-208
17.Kaya, A.; Jakisch, L.; Komber, H.; Voigt, D.; Pionteck, J.; Voit, B.; Schulze, U.
Synthesis of Various Functional Propylene Copolymers Using rac-Et[1-Ind]2ZrCl2/MAO as the Catalyst system more
Macromolecular Rapid Communications 22 (2001) 972-977
18.Kelnar, I.; Stephan, M.; Jakisch, L.; Janata, M.; Fortelny, I.
Compatibilization of PA6/PPO Blend with Carboxylated Poly(styrene) Compounds more
Journal of Applied Polymer Science 80 (2001) S.2273-2280
19.Kaya, A.; Jakisch, L.; Komber, H.; Pompe, G.; Pionteck, J.; Voit, B.; Schulze, U.
Synthesis of oxazoline functionalized polypropene using metallocene catalysts more
Macromolecular Rapid Communications 21 (2000) 1267-1271
20.Kelnar, I.; Stephan, M.; Jakisch, L.; Fortelny, I.
Influence of the Component Reactivity on the Properties of Ternary Reactive Blends Nylon 6/Rigid Brittle Polymer/Elastomer more
Journal of Applied Polymer Science 78 (2000) 1597-1603

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