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Publications Nikita Polikarpov

1.Polikarpov, N.; Potolytsyna, V.; Bessonov, E.; Tripp, S.; Appelhans, D.; Voit, B.; Kartsova, L.
Dentritic glycopolymers as dynamic and covalent coating in capillary electrophoresis: View on protein separation processes and detection of nanogram-scaled albumin in biological samples more
Journal of Chromatography / A 1378 (2015) 65-73
2.Polikarpov, N.; Appelhans, D.; Welzel, P.; Kaufmann, A.; Dhanapal, P.; Bellmann, C.; Voit, B.
Tailoring uptake and release of ATP by dendritic glycopolymer/PNIPAAm hydrogel hybrids: first approaches towards multicompartment release systems more
New Journal of Chemistry 36 (2012) 438-451
3.Polikarpov, N.; Kaufmann, A.; Kluge, J.; Appelhans, D.; Voit, B.
Investigation of dye glycopolymer and glycopolymer hydrogel interactions for development of multi-release system more
Journal of Controlled Release 148 (2010) e66-e67
4.Boye, S.; Polikarpov, N.; Appelhans, D.; Lederer, A.
An alternative route to dye-polymer complexation study using asymmetrical flow field-flow fractionation more
Journal of Chromatography / A 1217 (2010) 4841-4849
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