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1.Erber, M.; Tress, M.; Eichhorn, K.-J.
Glass transition of polymers with different architectures in the confinement of nanoscopic films more
in: Ellipsometry of Functional Organic Surfaces and Films, Hinrichs, K. ; Eichhorn, K.-J., ed. (Springer 2014) 52, Chapter 4, 63-78
2.Wynands, D.; Erber, M.; Rentenberger, R.; Levichkova, M.; Walzer, K.; Eichhorn, K.-J.; Stamm, M.
Spectroscopic ellipsometry characterization of vacuum-deposited organic films for the application in organic solar cells more
Organic Electronics 13 (2012) 885-893
3.Erber, M.; Stadermann, J.; Eichhorn, K.-J.
Total internal reflection ellipsometry under SPR conditions: In-situ Monitoring of the growth of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) (PNIPAAm) brushes more
Macromolecular Symposia 305 (2011) 101-107
4.Stadermann, J.; Komber, H.; Erber, M.; Däbritz, F.; Ritter, H.; Voit, B.
Diblock copolymer formation via self-assembly of cyclodextrin and adamantyl end-functionalized polymers more
Macromolecules 44 (2011) 3250-3259
5.Tress, M.; Erber, M.; Mapesa, E. U.; Huth, M.; Müller, J.; Serghei, A.; Schick, C.; Eichhorn, K.-J.; Voit, B.; Kremer, F.
Glassy dynamics and glass transition in nanom,etric thin layers of polystyrene more
Macromolecules 43 (2010) 9937-9944
6.Erber, M.; Georgi, U.; Müller, K.-J.; Eichhorn, K.-J.; Voit, B.
Polystyrene with different topologies: Study of the glass transition temperature in confined geometry of thin films more
European Polymer Journal 46 (2010) 2240-2246
7.Mapesa, E. U.; Erber, M.; Tress, M.; Eichhorn, K.-J.; Serghei, A.; Voit, B.; Kremer, F.
Glassy dynamics in nanometer thin layers of polystyrene more
European Physical Journal Special Topics 189 (2010) 173-180
8.Erber, M.; Tress, M.; Mapesa, E. U.; Serghei, A.; Eichhorn, K.-J.; Voit, B.; Kremer, F.
Glassy dynamics and glass transition in thin polymer layers of PMMA deposited on different substrates more
Macromolecules 43 (2010) 7729-7733
9.Erber, M.; Eichhorn, K.-J.; Voit, B.
Varations in the glassy dynamics of functionalized polyesters confined in thin films
Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering 102 (2010) Beitrag 538, 881
10.Erber, M.; Stadermann, J.; Schulze, R.; Eichhorn, K.-J.; Voit, B.
In-situ monitoring of the growth of poly(N-isopropyl-acrylamide) (PNIPAAm) brushes by means of total internal reflection ellipsometry (TIRE)
Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering 102 (2010) Beitrag 221, 364
11.Morell, M.; Erber, M.; Ramis, X.; Ferrando, F.; Voit, B.; Serra, A.
New epoxy thermosets modified with hyperbranched pol(ester-amide) of different molecular weight more
European Polymer Journal 46 (2010) 1498-1509
12.Georgi, U.; Erber, M.; Stadermann, J.; Abulikemu , M.; Komber, H.; Lederer, A.; Voit, B.
New approaches to hyperbranched poly(4-chloromethylstyrene) and introduction of various functional end groups by polymer-analogous reactions more
Journal of Polymer Science: Part A: Polymer Chemistry 48 (2010) 2224-2235
13.Stadermann, J.; Erber, M.; Komber, H.; Brandt, J.; Eichhorn, K.-J.; Bönsch, M.; Mertig, M.; Voit, B.
Photopatternable films of block copolymers prepared through double-click reaction more
Macromolecules 43 (2010) 3136-3140
14.Foix, D.; Erber, M.; Voit, B.; Lederer, A.; Ramis, X.; Mantecón, A.; Serra, A.
New hyperbranched polyester modified DGEBA thermosets with improved chemical reworkability more
Polymer Degradation and Stability 95 (2010) 445-452
15.Stadermann, J.; Erber, M.; Komber, H.; Voit, B.
Functionalized block copolymers fort he preparation of patterned and functional surfaces more
Polymer Preprints 51 (2010) 336
16.Erber, M.; Khalyavina, A.; Eichhorn, K.-J.; Voit, B.
Variations in the glass transition temperature of polyester with special architectures confined in thin films more
Polymer 51 (2010) 129-135
17.Erber, M.; Boye, S.; Hartmann, T.; Voit, B.; Lederer, A.
A convenient room temperature polycondensation towrd hyperbranched AB2-type all-aromatic polyesters with phenol terminal groups more
Journal of Polymer Science: Part A: Polymer Chemistry 47 (2009) 5158-5168
18.Schallausky, F.; Erber, M.; Komber, H.; Lederer, A.
An easy strategy for the synthesis of well-defined aliphatic-aromatic hyperbranched polyester more
Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics 209 (2008) 2331-2338
19.Erber, M.; Eichhorn, K.-J.; Voit, B.; Serghei, A.; Kremer, F.
Characterization of thin polymer films on solid substrates by temperature depentent spectroscopic vis-ellipsometry (T-ellipsometry) more
Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering 99 (2008) 69
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