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1.Vyalikh, A.; Simon, P.; Rosseeva, E.; Buder, J.; Kniep, R.; Scheler, U.
Intergrowth and interfacial structure of biomimetic fluorapatite - gelatine nanocomposite : A solid-state NMR study more
Journal of Physical Chemistry / B 118 (2014) 724-730
2.Vyalikh, A.; Mai, R.; Scheler, U.
OH- deficiency in dental enamel, crown and root dentine as studied by 1H CRAMPS more
Bio-Medical Materials and Engineering 23 (2013) 507-512
3.Kyriakos, K.; Raftopoulos, K.; Pissis, P.; Kyritsis, A.; Näther, F.; Häußler, L.; Fischer, D.; Vyalikh, A.; Scheler, U.; Reuter, U.; Pospiech, D.
Dielectric and thermal studies of the segmental dynamics of poly(methyl methacrylate)/silica nanocomposites prepared by the sol-gel method more
Journal of Applied Polymer Science 128 (2013) 3771-3781
4.Vyalikh, A.; Bulusheva, L. G.; Chekhova, G. N.; Pinakov, D. V.; Okotrub, A. V.; Scheler, U.
Fluorine patterning in room-temperature fluorinated graphite determined by solid-state NMR and DFT more
Journal of Physical Chemistry / C 117 (2013) 7940-7948
5.Vyalikh, A.; Wang, De-Yi; Wagenknecht, U.; Heinrich, G.; Scheler, U.
Molecular dynamics in aluminum layered double hydroxides as studied by 1H T1p NMR measurements more
Chemical Physics Letters 509 (2011) 138-142
6.Yucelen, G. I.; Choudhury, R. P.; Vyalikh, A.; Scheler, U.; Beckham, H. W.; Nair, S.
Formation of single-walled aluminosilicate nanotubes from molecular precursors and curved nanoscale intermediates more
Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (2011) 5397-5412
7.Vyalikh, A.; Simon, P.; Kollman, T.; Kniep, R.; Scheler, U.
Local environment in biomimetic hydroxyapatite -gelatine nanocomposites as probed by NMR spectrocopy more
Journal of Physical Chemistry / C 115 (2011) 1513-1519
8.Wang, De-Yi; Costa, F. R.; Leuteritz, A.; Schönhals, A.; Vyalikh, A.; Scheler, U.; Wagenknecht, U.; Kutlu, B.; Heinrich, G.
Polyolefin nanocomposites with layered double hydroxides more
in: Advances in polyolefin nanocomposites, Vikas Mittal, ed. (CRC Press 2010) , 225-245
9.Vyalikh, A.; Zesewitz, K.; Scheler, U.
Hydrogen bonds and local symmetry in the crystal structure of gibbsite more
Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry 48 (2010) 877-881
10.H.-J. Grafe, N. J. Curro, B. L.Young, A. Vyalikh, J. Vavilova, G. D. Gu, M. Hücker and B. Büchner
Charge order and low frequency spin dynamics in lanthanum cuprates revealed by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance more
The European Physical Journal 188 (2010) 89-101
11.Wang, De-Yi; Costa, F. R.; Vyalikh, A.; Leuteritz, A.; Scheler, U.; Jehnichen, D.; Wagenknecht, U.; Häußler, L.; Heinrich, G.
One-step synthesis of organic LDH and its comparison with regeneration and anion exchange method more
Chemistry of Materials 21 (2010) 4490-4497
12.Vyalikh, A.; Costa, F. R.; Wagenknecht, U.; Heinrich, G.; Massiot, D.; Scheler, U.
From layered double hydroxides to layered double hydroxide-based nanocomposites - A solid-state NMR study more
Journal of Physical Chemistry / C 113 (2009) 21308-21313
13.Kumar, K.; Nandan, B.; Luchnikov, V.; Simon, F.; Vyalikh, A.; Scheler, U.; Stamm, M.
A novel approach for the fabrication of silica and silica/metal hybrid microtubes more
Chemistry of Materials 21 (2009) 4282-4287
14.Vyalikh, A.; Massiot, D.; Scheler, U.
Structural characterisation of aluminium layered double hydroxides by 27Al solid-state NMR more
Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance 36 (2009) 19-23
15.A. Vyalikh, A.U.B. Wolter, S. Hampel, D. Haase, M. Ritschel, A. Leonhardt, H.-J. Grafe, A. Taylor, K. Krämer, B. Büchner, R. Klingeler
A carbon-wrapped nanoscaled thermometer for temperature control in biological environment more
Nanomedicine 3 (2008) 321-327
16.H.-J. Grafe, F. Hammerath, A. Vyalikh, G. Urbanik, V. Kataev, Th. Wolf, G. Khaliullin, and B. Büchner
Contrasting spin dynamics in Zn- and Ni-doped NdBa2Cu3O6+y single crystals from Cu nuclear quadrupole resonance: Evidence for correlations between antiferromagnetism and pseudogap effects more
Physical Review B 77 (2008) 014522, 5p.
17.A. Vyalikh, R.Klingeler, S. Hampel, D. Haase, M. Ritschel, A. Leonhardt, E.Borowiak-Palen, M. Rümmeli, A. Bachmatiuk, R. J. Kalenczuk, H.-J. Grafe, and B. Büchner
Filled carbon nanotubes for biomedicine: nanothermometers more
Physica Status Solidi / B 244 (2007) 4092–4096
18.A. Vyalikh, Th. Emmler, B. Grünberg, Y. Xu, I. Shenderovich, G. H. Findenegg, H.-H. Limbach und G. Buntkowsky
Hydrogen Bonding of Water Confined in Controlled-Pore Glass 10-75 Studied by 1H-Solid State NMR more
Zeitschrift für Physikalische Chemie 221 (2007) 155-168
19.G. Buntkowsky, H. Breitzke, A. Adamczyk, F. Roelofs, T. Emler, E. Gedat, B. Grünberg, Y. Xu, H.-H. Limbach, I. Shenderovich, A. Vyalikh and G. Findenegg
Structural and Dynamical Properties of Guest Molecules confined in mesoporous Silica Materials revealed by NMR more
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 9 (2007) 4843-4853
20.A. Vyalikh, Th. Emmler, I. Shenderovich, Y. Zeng, G. H. Findenegg and G. Buntkowsky
2H-solid state NMR and DSC study of isobutyric acid in mesoporous silica materials more
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 9 (2007) 2249-2257

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