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Publications David Sebinger

1.Sebinger, D.; Ofenbauer, A.; Gruber, P.; Malik, S.; Werner, C.
ECM modulated early kidney development in embryonic organ culture more
Biomaterials 34 (2013) 6670-6682
2.Ofenbauer, A.; Sebinger, D.; Prewitz, M.; Gruber, P.; Werner, C.
Dewaxed ECM: A simple method for analyzing cell behaviour on decellularized extracellular matrices more
Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (2013) Early view
3.Sebinger, D.; Davies, J. A.; Unbekandt, M.; Ganeva, V.; Ofenbauer, A.; Werner, C.
A novel, low-volume method for organ culture of embryonic kidneys that allows development of cortico-medullary anatomical organization more
PLoS one [Elektronische Ressource] 5 (2010) e10550
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