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Publications Anita Förster

1.Dlubek, G.; Shaikh, M. Q.; Rätzke, K.; Pionteck, J.; Paluch, M.; Faupel, F.
Subnanometre size free volumes in amorphous Verapamil hydrochloride: A positron lifetime and PVT study through Tg in comparison with dielectric relaxation spectroscopy more
European Journal of Pharmaceutical Science 41 (2010) 388-398
2.Dlubek, G.; Shaikh, M. Q.; Raetzke, K.; Faupel, F.; Pionteck, J.; Paluch, M.
The temperature dependence of free volume in phenyl salicylate and its relation to structural dynamics: A positron annihilation lifetime and pressure-volume-temperature study more
Journal of Chemical Physics 130 (2009) 144906 (9 pages)
3.Dlubek, G.; Pionteck, J.; Shaikh, M. Q.; Hassan, S.A.E.M.; Krause-Rehberg, R.
Free volume of an oligomeric epoxy resin an its relation to structural relaxation: Evidence from positron lifetime and pressure-volume-temperature experiments more
Physical Review / E 75 (2007) 0021802-1-0021802-13
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