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Publications Prof. Dr. Jens-Uwe Sommer

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1.Zimmermann, R.; Romeis, D.; Bihannic, I.; Stuart, M.A.C.; Sommer, J.-U.; Werner, C.; Duval, J. F. L.
Electrokinetics as an alternative to neutron reflectivity for evaluation of segment density distribution in PEO brushes more
Soft Matter (2014) Advance Article
2.Gazuz, I.; Sommer, J.-U.
Evidence of random copolymer adsorption at fluctuating selective interfaces from Monte-Carlo simulation studies more
Soft Matter 10 (2014) 7347-7255
3.Vonau, F.; Shokri, R.; Aubel, D.; Bouteiller, L.; Guskova, O.; Sommer, J.-U.; Reiter, G.; Simon, L.
Tunneling spectroscopy measurements on hydrogen-bonded supramolecular polymers more
Nanoscale 6 (2014) 8250-8256
4.Jurjiu, A.; Dockhorn, R.; Mironova, O.; Sommer, J.-U.
Two universality classes for random hyperbranched polymers more
Soft Matter 10 (2014) 4935-4946
5.Cui, W.; Su, C.-F.; Merlitz, H.; Wu, C.-X.; Sommer, J.-U.
Structure of dendrimer brushes: Mean-field theory and MD simulations more
Macromolecules 47 (2014) 3645-3653
6.Su, C.-F.; Cui, W.; Merlitz, H.; Wu, C.-X.; Sommer, J.-U.
Starlike polymer brushes in q-solvent more
Polymer 55 (2014) 3254-3260
7.Lang, M.; Fischer, J.; Werner, M.; Sommer, J.-U.
Swelling of olympic gels more
Physical Review Letters 112 (2014) 238001(5)
8.Merlitz, H.; Cui, W.; Su, C.-F.; Wu, C.-X.; Sommer, J.-U.
Grafted polyrotaxanes: Scaling theory and molecular dynamics simulations more
Macromolecules 47 (2014) 4110-4117
9.Luo, C.; Sommer, J.-U.
Frozen topology: Entanglements control nucleation and crystallization in polymers more
Physical Review Letters 112 (2014) 195702 (5)
10.He, G.; Merlitz, H.; Sommer, J.-U.; He, G.
Molecular dynamics simulations of polyelectrolyte brushes under poor solvent conditions: Origins of bundle formation more
Journal of Chemical Physics 140 (2014) 104911
11.Shagolsem, L.; Sommer, J.-U.
Order and phase behavior of thin film of diblock copolymer-selective nanoparticle mixtures: a molecular dynamics simulation study more
Macromolecules 47 (2014) 830-839
12.Sommer, J.-U.; Klos, J.; Mironova, O.
Adsorption of branched and dendritic polymers onto flat surfaces: A Monte Carlo study more
Journal of Chemical Physics 139 (2013) 244903
13.Cao, X.-Z.; Merlitz, H.; Wu, C.-X.; Sommer, J.-U.
Polymer-induced inverse-temperature crystallization of nanoparticles on a substrate more
ACS Nano 7 (2013) 9920-9926
14.Jentzsch, C.; Werner, M.; Sommer, J.-U.
Single polymer chains in poor solvent: Using the bond fluctuation method with explicit solvent more
Journal of Chemical Physics 138 (2013) 094902
15.Lang, M.; Hoffmann, M.; Dockhorn, R.; Werner, M.; Sommer, J.-U.
Fluctuation dirven height reduction of crosslinked polymer brushes: A Monte Carlo study more
Journal of Chemical Physics 139 (2013) 164903
16.Cui, W.; Su, C.-X.; Merlitz, H.; Sommer, J.-U.
Numerical evidences for a free energybarrier in starlike polymer brushes more
Journal of Chemical Physics 139 (2013) 134910
17.Klos, J.; Sommer, J.-U.
Simulations of neutral and charged dendrimers in solvents of varying quality more
Macromolecules 46 (2013) 3107-3117
18.Klos, J.; Sommer, J.-U.; Klos, J.
Coarse grained simulations of neutral and charged dendrimers more
Polymer Science C 55 (2013) 125-153
19.Guskova, O.; Schünemann, C.; Eichhorn, K.-J.; Walzer, K.; Levichkova, M.; Grundmann, S.; Sommer, J.-U.
Light absorption in organic thin films: the importance of oriented molecules more
Journal of Physical Chemistry / C 117 (2013) 17285-17293
20.Romeis, D.; Sommer, J.-U.
Conformational switching of modified guest chains in polymer brushes more
Journal of Chemical Physics 139 (2013) 044910 (11 pages)

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