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Brodowsky, H. ; Jenschke, W. ; Mäder, E.
Characterization of interphase properties by frequency-dependent cyclic loading of single fibre model composites

A device for cyclic loading of single fibre model composites with an end-embedded fibre in the regime of 5-350 Hz is introduced and investigated in this feasibility study. Model composites with different interphases are exposed to subcritical cyclic load in the fibre axial direction. The force amplitude and phase lag between displacement and resulting force are determined as a function of frequency and displacement. The device is optimized for high stiffness and play-free movement.
A set of different single fibre model composites is chosen, consisting of epoxy/glass fibre, epoxy/polyamide fibre and four polypropylene/glass fibre composites varying in the molecular weight of the matrix and in the local crystalline structure of the interphase. The differences in the composite interphase properties are reflected in the resulting force amplitude and the phase lag between the displacement and the force signal. It is shown that the force amplitude and stiffness are very sensitive to interphase property differences.

Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology 24, 237-253


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January 2009