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Frenzel, R. ; Blank, C. ; Grundke, K. ; Hein, V. ; Schmidt, B. ; Simon, F. ; Thieme, M. ; Worch, H.
Wettability of methacrylate copolymer films deposited on anodically oxidized and roughened aluminium surfaces

The wetting behavior of water on methacrylate copolymer films was studied on anodically oxidized and micro-roughened aluminium surfaces and also on smooth model surfaces. The copolymerization of tert-butyl methacrylate with a methacrylate containing a fluoroorganic side chain led to a considerable decrease of the surface free energy, but not to a superhydrophobic behavior of polymer-coated, micro-roughened aluminium surfaces. However, copolymers containing both hydrophobic and hydrophilic sequences are able to form superhydrophobic films. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy showed that an enrichment of the interface between the solid phase and the air by fluorine-containing polymer components was the reason for the strong decrease of the surface free energy. The hydrophilic segments of the copolymers improved the ability to wet the highly polar aluminium surface and to form films of higher density.

Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology 23, 469-482


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February 2009