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Thieme, M. ; Frenzel, R. ; Hein, V. ; Worch, H.
Metal Surfaces with Ultrahydrophobic Properties: Perspectives for Corrosion Protection and Self-Cleaning

This contribution describes the generation of ultrahydrophobic aluminium surfaces in view of improving the corrosion prevention behaviour of this material group. The morphological and chemical prerequisites for ultrahydrophobicity are fulfilled by a treatment which comprises an anodisation step under intensified conditions and a chemical modification. The paper focusses on i) findings gained for the special anodisation procedure and for the produced oxidic layers, such as the composition, micro-structure and micro-hardness, ii) the chemical modification and the wetting properties achieved in dependence on the morphology of the substrates, and iii) results of first tests directed on the evaluation of the resistance of different coating systems towards water and light exposure.

Journal of Corrosion Science and Engineering : JCSE 6, 21 Seiten (


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October 2004