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Pompe, T. ; Zschoche, St. ; Herold, N. ; Salchert, K. ; Gouzy, M.-F. ; Sperling, C. ; Werner, C.
Maleic Anhydride Copolymers - A Versatile Platform for Molecular Biosurface Engineering

A platform of thin polymer coatings was introduced for the functional modulation of immobilized bioactive molecules at solid/liquid interfaces. The approach is based on covalently attached alternating maleic acid anhydride copolymers with a variety of comonomers and extended through conversion of the anhydride moieties by hydrolysis, reaction with functional amines, and other conversions of the anhydride moieties. We demonstrate that these options permit control of the physicochemical constraints for bioactive molecules immobilized at interfaces to influence important performance characteristics of biofunctionalized materials for medical devices and molecular diagnostics. Examples concern the impact of the substrate-anchorage of fibronectin on the formation of cell-matrix adhesions, the orientation of endothelial cells according to lateral anti-adhesive micropatterns using grafted poly(ethylene oxide), and the spacer-dependent activity of immobilized synthetic thrombin inhibitors.

Biomacromolecules 4, 1072-1079


July 2003